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  1. I look forward to your results. In the meantime I'm trying to get 9xx series GPUs working in M18xR1/M17xR3. Just need a gpu now to test.
  2. I wonder if you can just change bios chip only and flash m18x r2 rom and see if that works?
  3. You will need to modify drivers everytime since this isn't an official configuration. If the card comes with a dell vBIOS, I would leave it as is and see how it performs before flashing it.
  4. You have an M18xR2 not Alienware 18, two different machines. You should get this BIOS: Also, much cheaper to buy here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-NVIDIA-GTX980M-Graphics-Card-8GB-GDDR5-256-Bit-MXM-3-0-GPU-Upgrade-/282591461768?hash=item41cbc38188:g:oHMAAOSwIjJZXvQ0 If I remember correctly, with the 980M , all you have to do is flash that BIOS. Turn off, swap cards and it should be good to go. I think the 7970m heatsink also works with 980M but don't remember.
  5. There wouldn't be anyway to recover using blind flash recovery? I don't have a 900M gpu and I'm still waiting for my R1 to come back from HIDEvolution, otherwise I would try it. Do you still have your M18x? If you wanna send the files, I can try when I get the R1 back. As long as there's a chance to recover using blind flash recovery I wouldn't mind testing.
  6. That's the system I remember people got it working in! M15x is pure legacy but works with 970m/980m, but M18xR1 cannot work with it. I still don't know why. It's been said by @Swick1981 and others that it's because of UEFI support but the M15x doesn't have any UEFI support, is older, but still works.
  7. I have the same laptop as you. Do you have the 980M or are receiving it? The 980M works in full legacy mode thanks to @Swick1981 in the R2. The latest 1070 boots up and everything in the Dell Precision M6700 in full legacy mode as well. Going by this, I don't understand why the newer cards (980M, etc.) don't work in the R1. However, if you have the card, can you try testing this? Remove Card2, go into BIOS and enable Optimus mode. Then replace 580M with 980M and see what happens. Optimus mode fixes the whole LVDS > eDP problem but other than that I don't see why it doesn't work. Maybe @Swick1981 knows why it didn't work in the R2 in legacy mode before either and can explain/help us with the R1.
  8. Is it something in Clevo's firmware (BIOS) or is this something in MSI AND Clevo's vBIOS on their new cards though? I think this was a new thing with Pascal cards and Maxwell didn't need anything like this, so it could just be with the newer Clevo and MSI pascal cards.
  9. I'll believe it when I see it.
  10. Where did you hear this? I haven't heard anyone speak of such a rumor.
  11. They could also find a way to satisfy us by making a separate upgrade kit/heatsinks for our machines. Similar to 180W 980 SLI PCBs but I doubt ANY of the things we mentioned will happen.
  12. AMD has a chance now for a comeback. If they can get RX480 into mxm 3.0b that'd be great. There's no way they're getting any other card but at least RX480 would give us desktop 980 performance and if we get two we'd have SLI 980 performance. All of their higher end cards (Fury) use HBM so we'd need some new reference design to accommodate HBM. I think AMD is done for in the mobile market, they can't even keep up in desktops.
  13. The M5500 proves that we can have 150w TDP cards without external power and in mxm 3.0b format so it is definitely interesting why things went this way.
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