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  1. Does anybody have the 650 SLI file? I accidentally downloaded the 750 SLI file 2 days ago and now the page wont let me download any more files. Solved my own problem. If you need the 650m OC rom that works on WIndows 10. Grab it from this thread.
  2. Swung Juang, How many do you have left? Pricing still the same?
  3. I'm shocked that you bought thermal paste from Ali Express and expected a different result. Thermal paste doesn't cost that much, never cheap out on it. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is the way to go.
  4. I'm looking forward to modding my Bios with this once I get access to the downloads. I need to upgrade to Windows 10 but want to keep my SLI 650M overclock. After reading some of these comments though I am thinking I should upgrade my WiFi card too while I'm at it. Anybody know of any specific WiFi cards that work really well or any that I should avoid?
  5. 3408, no joke. Humble Bundle has been kind to me. At least 300 of them are straight garbage though.
  6. thrownaway

    24" vs 27"

    If you do photo and video editing you've gotta put those extra dollars into color accuracy. You won't miss the extra 3 inches
  7. I have been running a 4k monitor for the last 4 years and some of the folks on here are offering you bad advice. You can see the resolution difference so long as the screen is big enough. The ideal pixel per inch for a normal viewing distance necessitates you get a 40-43" monitor to really see the difference. Unfortunately nearly all the 4k monitors on the market run at 60hz. And even hitting 60 frames in 4k is going to require a beefy graphics card. I am running an RTX 2080 and I have to turn down settings to hit 80 FPS. I currently have the ASUS XG438Q which is a 43" 4k 120hz monitor and it is nice but not perfect. But to the guy who said many games don't support 4k that's wrong, nearly all games support it. TLDR Unless you want to throw down $1100 (monitor) plus at least $700 (GPU) I would say stick to a good cheap 120hz 2560x1440 (2K) monitor such as the AOC CQ27G1
  8. Hello everyone, I've been in IT for the last 12 years and this site keeps coming up in my google searches for some of my projects, so I figured it was probably time to join. Looking forward to being a part of the community.
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