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    Analytical Biochemistry, Capillary Electrophoresis-Coupled Laser-Induced Fluorescence Detection, Aptamer Discovery for Diagnostics, Therapeutics, and Pharmacovigilance Assay Development

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  1. I have sequencing analyses that I need to do for my Uni program, it takes forever even on a RAM-maxed i7-3.7Ghz 8core hyperthreaded. How hard would it be to connect a few Ryzens and have jobs slit up among 24+ cores?
  2. I just installed Silicon Power Hynix IC 16GB (2 x 8GB) Compatible for Apple DDR3L RAM 1600MHz (PC3 12800) 204 pin CL11 1.35V Non ECC Unbuffered SODIMM Laptop Memory Module - Low Voltage They were $55 on Amazon, Plug-and-Play no issues whatsoever.
  3. I just received a Kingston SSD and 2x8gb RAM sticks as well as thermal paste, I'll let you know how the upgrade goes! My rig has served me well but operating in the field of bioanalytical chemistry requires more intensive computational power and my graduate stipend isn't quite enough to order an Origin powerhouse laptop. I looked into replacing the fan to the heatsink, hopefully the upgrade is enough to attenuate the high, but not critical, core temps.
  4. This guide was indispensable to me: If you need the driver files just hit me up I've still got all the originals and updates. Edit: At a glance it does seem that you're missing the Intel Centrino Advanced WiFi Adapter Driver as well as Bluetooth Adapter Driver, as well as the SiBEAM Host Serial (COM5) Adapter Driver (which should be located right where your missing drivers are).
  5. If you can get it for dirt cheap and it still has working components with no signs of major overheating (lol, I mean melting caps not our usual overheating), working motherboard, monitor, etc. I would buy one assuming that I would have to swap out the HDD for an SDD, upgrade the RAM to 16gb (8gb x2), and carefully wipe off the crusted thermal crud from the cpu/gpu with isopropyl and reapply some thermal paste after giving the whole cooling system a thorough cleaning. That's like ~$130 in parts (if you want good stuff) and a little bit of surgery, and voila you've got yourself a damn good computer.
  6. I've been doing a bit of research on this myself, apparently some of the R2/R4 models came with a DC28000CGF0 model of fan, which is apparently better than the DC280009OF0 that my R1 originally came with (and blows, except really loud and really terribly).
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