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  1. Just wondering if any M14x R1 owners is still around, I recently had to reuse my old alienware due to a mishap with my MSI. When i turned it on the fan speed was max and insanely loud. I never remember it being so loud when I use it regularly last time. Can it be dust that is causing a problem or the thermal paste might not be as good anymore (look up and it is extremely hard to repaste thermal compound) Is there a software fix to this?
  2. Just did the same to mine when replacing a new SSD. I guess the clips just holds it in place, might beable to stick it back?
  3. Just installed a new WD Blue 250gb SSD as it desperately in need for a speed boost, i dont use it for gaming anymore but still want to have great system response. It is still running at 3gb/s i assume that is SATA II speed, anyone tried the mooded sata fix bios yet?
  4. I guess this thread been long dead, can anyone with permission confirmed if the link is still alive? Didnt want to pay for the tier fee and knowing the link doesnt work.
  5. HI guys, I recently turn on my M14xR1 after a long period of time (my current computer broke so had to use my old alienware laptop), it was horrified how slow the boot time is. I love my alienware and decide i want to upgrade the hard drive. So here i am browsing what SSD to get and bump into many user from other forum saying that the R1 does not support the mSata format, and also does not support sata 3 speed. Which bring me to this thread where the fix file is. Just wondering since is quite a old thread can anyone tell me if the link still works (i think i cant access it yet). I am planning to get a Samsung 860 Evo SSD. PS: on the side note any old M14xR1 laptop user had the experience to reapply thermal paste to the CPU and GPU. I think mine dried up and is spinning the fan crazy. Thanks!
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