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  1. I also am having problems with my M14x. The dell audio drivers I download from Dell's website are actually not as loud as when I use the drivers directly downloaded from Realtek. Also, sound quality has definitely diminished since the first time I got the M14x a few months ago.
  2. I also had problems with Windows update recently. But I ignored it. Am going thru a few problems like Windows hangs for like 20 seconds nowadays but then it goes back to normal.
  3. Honestly, I love my Alienware a lot and what it has to offer exceeds my needs. But I really wish there was built in support for 16GB of RAM. Oh well, 8GB is already more than what I need so no biggie. I'm running 110 processes at the moment, with about 30 tabs of Chrome open, Skype, League of Legends, and a bunch of background applications and its taking up 3.51GB of 8GB of my memory. So I guess I'm doing just fine . - - - Updated - - - Okay, there are 23 processes for Chrome, but 18 tabs open . Not 30, hehe. When I go in to these forums, I always open up multiple tabs at once and read one by one. and I've got multiple e-mails to monitor. No lag.
  4. Really, is that so? That's too bad . Are you really from Alienware tech support?
  5. Hi all, Just installed HWiNFO64 and I was just looking through the specs and found out that the OEM RAM chips are 4GB PC3-12800 DDR3 by a company called Nanya Technology. I've never had any problems with my laptop yet, but I'm only running on 8GB RAM. Does anyone know if the M14xR1 supports 16GB? I'm pretty sure there's only two slots for memory on the M14x so that would mean 2x8GB chips. I've always used well known memory brands like Corsair, Crucial, and I've heard great things about the brand Mushkin. So my main question is, would the M14xR1 support two 8GB chips = 16GB?
  6. I recently had to reinstall my drivers/utilities on my M14x. You can also access the drivers by going to Dell.com and if you scroll down, you'll see "Support". Under support, there will be a link called "Drivers & Downloads". If you're using Alienware, you can probably just click Home Users as I did, and enter the Service Tag # underneath your Alienware notebook, or found behind your Alienware Desktop (I believe...). Not sure about others, but I have a tab that I can click to just view "All Files for Alienware M14x". I downloaded the: Application: -OSD Application -App_NT_AWCC_W7_X03_Setup_XTN7J_ZPE.exe Audio: -REALTEK_ALC665_A00_R295888.exe Chipset: -Management Engine Interface -RTS5209 Card Reader -HM67 Cougar Point chipset Input: -Alienware M14x Camera Firmware -R297683.exe -NEC USB 3.0 Driver Network: -WLAN 1000 -Atheros AR8151 Graphics: -Intel HD Graphics 3000 Some will probably be different for you unless you're running an M14x R1 with an SSD. I didn't download any SATA drivers as problems have been reported with SATA III conflicts. NVIDIA Graphics Drivers can always be downloaded from NVIDIA's website as they do update drivers every few weeks.
  7. Thanks Mike and Brian. Pretty good community going on here, haven't been on a forum for a while. I used to regular POTN, but it's outgrown me a bit, but the passion for photography still is there! Hah, but anyway, thanks a lot everyone! Any photographers on here? If so, what gear do you use?
  8. unreal25: Never thought of using a brush to clean the fan grills.. But the bottom plate is so easy to remove I don't think the grills are really an issue. I think the bigger issue is that the speaker grill above the keyboard. I constantly get dust and dirt on it. I've looked up ways to access it, but what's the best way to clean the grill? I love my Alienware and taking care of it is big for me! I had a whole bottle of the Monster screen cleaner from when I worked at Best Buy and it worked great for only a short period of time. I also have a bottle of the Philips LCD Screen Cleaning Gel (Model: SVC2543W) which is basically all the same thing - a gel based cleaner solution. But heck, it's EXPENSIVE. As I said before, it works for a few days, but screens get dirty fast and spending like $10-$20 on these cleaners just doesn't cut it. Guess it'll have to do for now.
  9. Nice Delorean! I've stumbled across one in the Los Angeles area while they were filming some random video holding up traffic. Hah, anyway, I read that there's about 6,000 of them left as of the last few years. And wow, you all live in such pretty places! Hah, I'm from the San Gabriel Valley in the Los Angeles County, California. Just buildings all over the place, mountains, oh and we have some waterzzz called the Pacific Ocean. lawls.
  10. Wow, I love how we've got a thread about pot. Hahahaha.
  11. Hi all, My name is Jonathan and I'm a tech enthusiast. When I say tech, I mean almost anything techy . I'm currently running on a Alienware M14x, and previously ran a ASUS UL50VT. Recent desktop included an Alienware Aurora R3 along with many custom computers I have personally built in the past. Anyway, my Alienware M14x is an R1 Sandy Bridge running an Intel Core i7-2670 2.2GHz Quad Core, NVIDIA GT555M 1.5GB with Optimus (Intel HD 3000), 8GB Memory, and Samsung 830 128GB SATA III SSD. I usually just watch movies or play a few games on here. I usually play League of Legends, and you can find me by adding my IGN at theJonathanLam. Hope I can get to know you all, contribute to these forums, and learn a few things along the lines.
  12. I dunno about everyone else, but I had a problem with the Logitech software utility "SetPoint" when I bought a Logitech G500 mouse from Best Buy. I also had some lag problems with the mouse where I would move the mouse in game, and the cursor would not move. Hope this doesn't happen to you. I'm using a Razer Deathadder and it's fantastic. I had problems with the original out of box software, but Razer has another software called Synapse which is great! I'm all for Razer. They have some sales going on for the Deathadder. Saw it recently at Best Buy for $39.99. Just know it doesn't have as many buttons as the Naga. It has L/R click, scroll, and two bottons on the left side for forward/backwards when navigating online, or you can assign it a special function. I have liked Logitech over the years as I've bought all kinds of stuff from them. Some Logitech stuff are better than others. Good luck!
  13. Hi everyone, Just wanted to see how everyone cleans their laptops. Does anyone have any good ideas or any techniques that have brought about some good results? I used to use Philips/Monster LCD Screen Cleaner along with Bounty paper towels... This was good, but my laptop screen gets dirty again after 2-3 days which is super frustrating! Does anyone know of any products to keep the screen clean, perhaps like some type of cover or something? My friend uses the Meguiar's auto care cleaning solutions like the Window cleaner/polishing solution on the iPad, but i'm a bit hesitant to put it on my alienware. It actually does a pretty good job of cleaning the screen and it polishes it as well so it stays pretty clean. Not sure if this would damage the screen. Other times, I just use a damp cloth and just wipe it down. That usually only keeps my laptop clean for a day or two.
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