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  1. PLEASE DELETE IF NOT ALLOWED !! But i thought i'de let you guys have first pick on this https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1529461608 i'm from Canada and we use "KIJIJI" for our personal ads , i've recently upgraded the FAN from the R1 model to R2 Fan , but if anyone actually needs the R1 FAN ( DC280009OF0 ) , please let me know , i'm willing to ship across the world AGAIN , I'm really NOT looking to make profit off of this and please DELETE if not allowed, i'm just trying to help out my fellow M14X friends , Thanks !!
  2. hey dude, i have the R1 model but here are some good tips for these models ; - There are ALOT of Youtube videos on how to dissassemble / reassemble laptops - The AW M14X platform has been out for a while now and may not be the best for gaming - Get learning on TEMPERATURE and how it affects performance (cooling / airflow / thermal paste) - as for BIOS , if it's LOCKED with a Password, you can contact DELL directly and ask for the password (what i did , providing the Serial Number), but beware ; playing in BIOS can really mess up you system if you don't know what you're doing! Here's what I DID to my M14xR1 ; -dissassembled and re-applied new Thermal Paste (you need proper tooling and patience !) - Installed more RAM to a Max of 8GB - Replaced the FAN , the R1 Model has less airflow than yours (basically i took the R2 Fan and plug'n play into the R1) - replaced the HDD with an SSD (Massive performance gains !) - replaced the wifi module with a new 5Ghz Wifi + BlueTooth Module - replaced Windows 7 with Linux MINT 20 as Operating System (Super light weight on the system , uses around 700MB RAM on the 8GB. compared to 3GB Windows10) - Linux MINT offers AMAZING Customization and is SUPER easy to use (i migrated from Win7 to this) as you see i put alot of importance on AIRFLOW and COOLING , as that's what's going to impede your gaming experience the most ! Any specific questions, plz feel free to ask away (i might not respond as soon , i monitor this forum maybe once a week) cheers !
  3. @Skill i'm actually in the process of acquiring the ever-so elusive R2 Fan will keep you posted ! Jan2020 So i just installed the R2 model fan in my R1 M14X , i'm running 60-62 deg C on idle. Running Linux Mint as Win7 is phased out and i don't think i can run Win10 i don't use it for gaming anymore so it's perfect for my daily use and i'm begining to really love Linux Mint ! Oct-2020 Cheers all !
  4. lemme get this right , M14xR1 OEM Fan = 00H8HD ( DC280009OF0 ) M14Xr2 Fan = XN0G5 (DC28000AJF0) after some research, i confirm that the R1 00H8HD Model has 2 cfm (low airflow) R2 XN0G5 model has 10.4 cfm (5x the airflow) i'm buying the XN0G5 as of now , thanks man !! will keep you guys posted ! Jan-2020 (also i'm looking at DC28000CGF0 for the R3 variant ) EDIT AS OF Oct-2020 so i just installed the R2 model Fan and it's way better than the R1 Totally worth it !
  5. just for futur reference (made a lot of research on this !) the M14Xr1 has a "m.2" mini PCI-E Slot, but it does NOT Support M.2 (mSATA). even though it's the same physical connectors (Talking about the connector next to the WIFI Card on the back when you remove the back cover!) now i'm not sure about the r2 Model (i think it does work on mSata? now i have a cheap 'ol 120GB SSD. nothing else, BUT you can replace your disk drive with a special adapter to add a SECOND HDD / SSD . but that would mean sacreficing your disk drive
  6. hey man , see this video at 2:05 Something about a "WIRELESS HD CARD" here's the copy/Paste ; WirelessHD (WiHD) is a standard for the wireless transmission of high-definition video data content meant for consumer electronic devices. The standard is proprietarily owned by Silicon Image and is now backed by a consortium that currently has 40 members including LG, Samsung, NEC, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and Philips. The WirelessHD standard is meant to be used for consumer electronic devices such as mobile devices, PCs and entertainment devices like TVs. (i updated my old wifi card to a 5Ghz + BT card, and it's way better !) EDIT : i just re-checked the video, and the guy mentions mSata drive. wonder if there's anyway to make it work ! that'd be crazy EDIT 2 : https://www.dell.com/community/Alienware-General-Read-Only/M14x-R1-mSATA-SSD-install/td-p/5552751 So Apparently , no Dice ... only the Wireless HD Card is compatible, which i have no idea what it does EDIT 3 (lol) : idk if this would work ? that'd be pretty cool ! https://globalamericaninc.com/product/commell-mpx-827/ EDIT 4 : or this ?! http://connecttech.com/product/mini-pcie-gps/ EDIT 5 : Or this ?! https://www.newegg.ca/p/0D9-0003-00074?Description=minipcie&cm_re=minipcie-_-9SIAAYY7AS2708-_-Product EDIT 6 : Added the definition from https://www.techopedia.com/definition/5113/wirelesshd-wihd cheers
  7. serious question guys , i've taken appart my m14xr1 , up till the BIOS battery (i f"k up lol) , and it worked. My question is, how hard is it after that to get to the GPU / heatsink and CPU ? i got cooling paste, because yeah, my laptop is a jet engine .. damn small fan and heatsink !
  8. it wasn't neither :/ thanks for your help guys ! Untill i do another clean formatting , and try to install all drivers IN ORDER (Which seems important ) i'll just leave it be , for now cheers !
  9. My Bios is LOCKED with some kind of password , is it factory ? is there a universal password ? is there a way to remove the bios password ? i tried to install your A08 Bios , but nothing happened in terms of Removing that password :/ , EDIT = added 2 pictures , I tried to force flash password by setting the config file ( PLATFORM.INI) from 0 to 1 (see pic) , that didn't help ... see pic for 'error' message EDIT 2 = So i just contacted my friend, and he says he bought it directly from DELL . i'll try to contact them, but not holding my breath EDIT 3 = SOLVED Removed Pics , Here's the "Fix" You'll have to call your DELL Alienware technical service, it didn't cost me anything , even though the laptop being over 7 years old ! (Out of warranty) and they'll send you the password in +- 1 business day , and PLZ DON'T Change anything you don't know about in your BIOS , i did SEVERAL MINOR CHANGES, and my M14X-R1 wouldn't boot. I had to DIS-ASSEMBLE ALL THE PARTS , Down right to the CMOS Battery , alot of head-aches, so Plz, as they say , AT YOUR OWN RISK! Cheers
  10. it's January 2018, and i bought my friend's M14X-R1 , last year. put an SSD in that sucker , did full clean format , and did ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL The windows update and drivers manually (tedious AF) runs BUTTERY SMOOTH , no gaming though
  11. you really should install DSD (Dell System Detect) , it does everything for you, granted you have access to WIFI (which is why you should alwase make a small 1-5 GB 'BACKUP' Partition on your HDD/SSD). with your service Tag, everything should be smooth (AFTER YOU'VE DONE ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL The Windows Updates...) Cheers Not sure about the IRST Though, i have an SSD and it doesn't seem to be an issue
  12. thanks for the info ! i didn't know you could search drivers by those informations ! i found the first one = it was a freefall sensor of sorts but the 2nd one i can't find = ACPI\CPL0002\2&DABA3FF&2 i'm kinda hesitant to download a driver updater (i already have Driver booster *Free ) but i don't even want to use that because i got all my drivers from Dell but i'll keep looking and if i find it, will post it here for futur references , thanks for the tip runix18 !
  13. UPDATE *** i just realised, everytime i restart \ Login , the wifi card connects to the router no probleme HOWEVER ; the connection takes upto a minute before actually connecting (there's no indication on the task bar... ) Google chrome takes almost a full minute before first connecting to a website MEANING ; one of the Unknown drivers might be a Communication driver between the motherbord and wifi card ? and the other one almost certain it's a Bluetooth module ... help ? thanks !
  14. i use a 120GB kingston SSD , it does the job . then again, i don't use my AW as intended x)
  15. Hi guys, first time poster ! i just bought the Alienware M14xR1 from a non-savy friend (Service Tag = 6FRHBS1 ) installed SSD so i had to format, everything went fine with the installation (With the help of DSD (Dell System Detect) and other official Dell Apps Except for 2 drivers that i have no idea what they could be. Maybe Bluetooth ? and a Controller of some sorts ? everything works fine , audio / Video , Apps and Wifi ! SEE PICS PLZ ! thanks for your time
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