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  1. Nice to see ya! To see ya, nice! First off, THANKS Svl7 for the modded G75VW unlocked-overclock BIOS. Granted, I'm very late to the party. Still... THANKS! Short story short, old friend gave me a G75VW and as much as I appreciate it (coming from an Acer Aspire 5742 - cough cough) I was tearful when getting a whiff of the GTX 660M. Read much and thanks to ROG forum (Dreamonic posts in particular) found nerve to flash the Svl7 BIOS. Despite TeH horror stories, all went well. No black screen, no blue screen, no need for Gary Fix... The modded BIOS (223) works great. While doing my homework "in case of classic ASSus famous bricking" I collected some interesting BIOS variants. Esp some "8mb dumps." In case somebody else finds G75VW modding same way I did........ Late. If anybody wants those dumps (incl a VX "DAVE MOD" that looks like a 670MX) I kept them, just ask. Anyway, THANKS Svl7. 1275+/3000 really woke this 660M up. I use "ASSus" as owner of Rampage IV Extreme... nuff said. Peace be witcha. SP
  2. Sorry. I keep thinking about a thread about dude putting a 780m into laptop like mine. I suffer from hero complex.
  3. If there are extra things.... Ya gotta reconsider. Re-think. SP
  4. Hola! If your model came with 1600 or 1920, you can do that as long as you have skill to replace the panel. Again, it's not that difficult, you simply have to be careful. Not native English? I want to help. If you can put replacement, you can also put in upgraded screen. It's all the same. Screen replace is screen replace. If connects, it connects. SP Forgive me if I misunderstand. If it connects properly, golden. SP
  5. That's great! I'm glad you found a fix that worked! SP
  6. Howdy, Please take this reply with due amount of salt... I'm a desktop type. I'm basing my RE off my #2 rig, FX-8120 which your i7-4700 can probably mop floor with, hands down. Currently a solo OC 290x but used to push 2x heavily OC 7950s. Upper end 280x range. Never had a "bottleneck" issue. IMO, that i7 should be fully capable of outpacing 770Ms. All day. *As long as your system is configured right. And your power brick has enough umph. Let me know how it goes. I'm new here and haven't figured out how to fully use site. Feel free to PM me. SP
  7. Yeah, my vocation deals with over-paid sissies and overpowered rides. As said, it happens.
  8. Cailley06 said it. I have an old beat-up 2011 rig. 3930k OC, 32gb, 2-390x, 1000w PSU. PURE space heater. When/IF crossfire WORKS, 1440p is golden. Know what I'm saying? IF. That's at 60-75Hz. Capped at 60. A lappy/notebook with that kind of @$$, why bother? Really? Means mofo has more money than brains. IMO. Soz. I apologize for talking st00pid. I am old head at this, forgot more about PC than most mofo CAN learn. A lappy to nut-kick a desktop? Yeah, it happens... like a 1,200 HP hotrod. 3 seconds out of gate damn thing junked. Sho Nuff. SP
  9. If you want to game, even asking this is ridiculous. Unless you have mad cash... no lappy can begin to approach a desktop. Period. SP
  10. RAID means usually 17" models. Print recog is easy. 2x HDD, not so much. Then RAID/2xHDD are battery killers by nature. You are seeking conflicting goals. Really. 6hr battery life, you're best served with sub-15", single SSD. Probably a 2-in1. My friend has an *sus model, think it's an 8th gen core. Quite expensive. Others posting are dead right. But... if ya have budget, check *sus webpage. Not gonna give ya RAID... but try to be realistic. ;-> SP
  11. Hi, Xbayo. What you can do within "stock parameters" concerning screen rez depends on what that model line came with. Is it a 15.6"? Likely 1366x768 is what you can replace with. A direct replacement LCD isn't "too difficult," but you have to be gentle - especially when popping the old one out. Getting the frame apart without breaking clips/tabs is a real bear if you're not used to doing it. Have tools ready, be gentle, work SLOW. Don't booze, don't get angry. Take yo time, be gentle. Replacement screen/LCD are usually reasonably cheap. Even having it done is usually "cheap." Compared to replacing a nice 2013 model. Max image quality? Get it functional and add an external monitor of your liking. Also, relatively cheap. But, like all things, it's relative. I use a cheap 32" TV. SP
  12. Hello, mirt1981. Have you tried uninstalling your sound drivers and reinstalling known good version? Are you running Windows 10? 10 tends to update behind our backs, I've had piles of problems with video and sound because of that... tendency. I'm a schooled hardware/driver guy. 10 is like my bane. If your hardware is solid, as it appears to be, try uninstalling offending drivers and installing latest you can get from vendor of hardware you know. Preferably version you KNOW worked. I know my advice sounds canned, I've been fighting Windows since 95 Beta. Bad drivers make good hardware act like @$$. Sho Nuff. Best Regards, SP If it matters, I have an older Asus laptop that was perfect with 7 and 8 but with 10 the 2.1 sounds like @$$ no matter what I do. VIA sound chip. SP
  13. Greetings! Glad to see you all here. I'm a desktop fella (from i486 and DOS 5.0) just given an Asus G75VW. Looking for info on that critter led me to TI and I also look forward to joining the community. I am a former "pro" tech with strong leaning towards hardware and drivers. Been into desktops for an age, now looking forward to abusing lap/note same. All known and anything learned, at your disposal. If any here are Jedi with Compiz, I'm all ears <G> SP
  14. Hope nobody minds if I kick the dust off this thread. Topic (overclocking) comes up a lot whether it's smartphones, laptops/notebooks, desktops... I agree with Antonio. If your rig WILL overclock without running out of juice or getting "too hot," you might get a little "free" boost. Being a desktop nerd from way back and having overclocked every rig ever owned (that COULD) I'm a big fan of. Since AMD 486DX4/100 on an early PCI mobo. If seriously wanting to OC you should do some dirty work like pulling your heatsinks and applying fresh/better thermal compound, making SURE your fans are clean. Your hardware looks good but considering the Gen fresh thermal paste is probably a good idea (if not done already). OC i7-4xxx CPUs run fairly hot so good heatsink contact is important. 980 GPUs can also get warm. Fresh compound/solid heatsink contact takes away a big variable when overclocking. My desktop has an i7-3930k and two R9 390x. Fresh compound on all, difference like night and day when I started upping clocks. Even at stock clocks. Sho Nuff. IF your rig can overclock, please let us know. I, for one, am interested to hear back from you on that score. Just got a slightly older lap/note with i7-3610 and would really love to know if you were successful with OC. Best Regards, SP
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