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  1. Th@nks for Impressive Work ! Now I try by my self To Be or Not to Be creative find right 0cSettings ? THX .
  2. 0riginal without GPU . . . . . . VRAM 0C Voltage Limit
  3. Hello ! Have an gtx 980m to unlock . . . tested it self by inet guides but no luck Klem can you help . . . . . . GPU and Ram are on Stock 0c Limit
  4. Greats to all In this maybe ( Hopefully) short Topic i will Mine and Share Isues and Problems releatet to Windows 0s and Desktop CPU based MXM Laptops ! In my case its an Clevo p750/751dm not with (-G) gesync I7 6700T and GTX 980m . Problem: Usersettings in the Nvidia Controlpannel ( Standart and DCH Driver) specialy own Color also Brigtness etc. settings wouldn't aplyed after Reboot . Also switch states of HardwareComponets ( wifi/blutooth) 0n/0ff will disable temporaly Usersettings . Luckely Clevo p750/751dm supports Windows 7 / 8 so here my Impression to Windows 10: Windows 7 / 8 are not affected but up from Windows 10 1709 Fall Creators Update the Isues begin . . . Windows 10 1903 19H1 no Recover of Problem All 0s´s with same Nvidia Driver Revisions - Runtimes - Framew0rks proved ! (PS: have a second Clevo w230ss woith i7 4700mq / gtx 860m ( not MXM) with integrated Intel HD graphics where the Usersettings for color and brightness set by the Intel HD graphic where the above described Isues Problems not present )
  5. mirt1981


    RGB-LED-HDD Desktop Mod 0k will explane here what i figured out to made a little more Ambient RGB Led Mod thats Casual. Found on Inet Rainbow colored Led`s ( the old one thats fits like Drips) and often used in PC-Cases to indicat OS stats speciely for HDD load. The Mod tricks there that the HDD Signal connector on mainboard can fit more than one Led . In my case i pluged 4 Rainbow colored Led`s together with an Resistor thats pull down original needed voltage of the LED´s on the mainboard connector for HDD-Led and have now 4 Leds they blink by the HDD´s signal. Like the old Philosophie in all 4 corners sticks friendship . Its like an LED-RGB control without extra Controler-Hard or Software . Maybe other man will use Single color Leds that was also possible for me but Figured out that each color has its own voltage needed to turn on Glowing so it was not possible to bring by example 2 green and 2 blue and resistor together and lets start glow.
  6. kensington wisper unlock sorry do writing and translating on the fly out of the box base clevo w230ss maybe all other kensington lock chassis with noisy fans 0k here it is whats mean, found an tiny analog switch first on a solar outdoor garden light later than a led and a resistor maybe than on a 0nline marktplace and or by an local rc-model dealer. that tiny switcher fits ideal in space behind kensington lock given in the inner of chassis after remove off what made kensington part by chassis. the details of maybe that hardware mod: in case of the w230ss the build in fan has 3-cables to connect to the mainboard i cut the red or maybe the black cable put behind the twice ends the led or resistor so that power they given from the mainboard and the fan tours slower - figured out the right polarität with an extra cutted usb cable with the build out fan. 0k for me it eas try and fail with dameged led and or resistor maybe ? maybe must try and fail not done by the knowledge of the using komponents? same knowledge sure helps to find right komponents led or resistor for the right trop down of power useage from fan (cpu rpm) thats first part of mod next part are the switcher that makes posible give the fan again full power from mainboard . ( had cut the length so fits better by handle w230ss by all day use) the switcher have two states on & off but with three contacts with position of two contacts are given for enabled power so when man give the mainboard plug an extra cable thats go again direct before the upper cut of cutted cable to seen started from fan and but beside with uncuted red or maybe black cable to two contacts from the switcher its possible to do two differnt lines of power for all the fans. with clevo w230ss its have effect that the fans still can run only by 2/5 rounds of normal . usage is by run cpu based tasks man have no pain in ear and fear to healthy of hardware - other wise in 3d based tasks man switch on the full powerline and no fear for hardware maybe to own healthy. my self experience on w230ss with this mod on playing and two years it cames more stressless by playing and less more stress by playground
  7. Hi can some man help out to flash baked p750dm bios mod by problem message 18 - Error: Secure Flash Rom Verify fail ! ? th@nks for any advertise . Maybe some man knows a way to contact PremaMod direct to ask if they have a ModBios-Archiv . . . and will give the chance to use good contition Computers with full Posibles of Hardware ? !

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