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  1. The game played perfectly fine before Windows 10 creators update so I doubt its any of that.
  2. BUMP, can we get an answer to this? I'm currently in the same boat with my AW18
  3. So you're saying a bottleneck WOULD be present going much beyond 60fps? I have my monitor OC'ed as well to 90hz, 100hz, 110hz, and lastly 120hz using various resolutions along with the refresh rates ( of course this initially started with me testing my Alienware 18's limits) so with that said technically when playing my frames still don't take any crazy hits with a couple of drops but nothing below 90 (which was why i first started using 90hz monitor OC before I was able to squeeze out some more FPS) So may you please emphasis what you're suggesting? should I expect a bottleneck trying to play beyond a cap of 60fps? because I have had the stutters when capped at 60 as well and I could use the extra 30hz+ refresh rate OC to my monitor. This all started when I came home after leaving my laptop on to some random a** windows 10 update that completely changed the way I would use my laptop since! My alienware 18 no longer has ANY control over previous Alienware custom settings... my laptop is LOCKED to the color scheme I setup right before that destroyer of a "Update" I desperately need help!
  4. Thanks for the reply! I haven't put my setup against much to compare unless directly in regards to an Upgrade. You make me feel a bit more secure about a proper OC for the 770ms with that said I am intrigued with "as long as your system is configured right" I also have the standard power prick but the power delivery is supposed to be more than enough and I always run in Performance mode giving optimal power. A little results thus far (limited reporting) - So I OC'ed the 4700mq and launched BF4 and hell if you'd guess but there it was still prevalent STUTTERING despite me decreasing my monitors resolution to 1280x720, my cpu usage only hovering in the 50's of usage temp around the 70's - 80 deg my 770ms aren't being pushed heavily as well with me placing a FPS limit of 100 so it completely baffles me how I can be getting over 200 frames on low in some areas yet the game stutters so heavily to the point its pointless to play competitively or with a desire to actually enjoy yourself. Last hope is the GFX OC with the Vbios flash unless someone tells me something I'm missing.
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/necropwnzzz Hopefully this thread still gets occasional views, I hate DP'ing... (dead posting)
  6. BF4 stuttering is beginning to drive me nuts. One match I’m 70-8 the next I’m 50-20 due to this unbelievably poor optimization I figured would be fixed, tweaked & optimized within Nvidia CP, literally every combination edit to my .cfg & Profsave_profile for low performance optimization, set max FPS, unpacked cores, OC’ed max cores, optimize system reducing ram usage, prioritize the game for my processes so it’s getting all my cpu & ram focus, I used fidelizer (per recommendations as audio drivers was a known issue), OC’d GPU, set renderaheadlimit to various settings 1-4, lower resolution to 720p, I’m getting over 200 frames and the game just keep stuttering!! CPU seems to be more than fine @ 3.6ghz, temps are in the 80’s, utilization around 3-57ish under load. GPU also very stable as it’s back to stock settings and clock speeds are just fine giving quite good frames with minimum utilization as well & around 80deg.. the only thing I got left to try is flashing Vbios and OC’ing my card.. I sincerely believe this has absolutely nothing to do with my hardware at this point I’ve tossed every single solution I’ve came across in regards to fixes for lag, stuttering, frame drops, general optimization and this game still frustrates me... to be a good player yet be crippled by the games performance simply makes the proposition of playing seem absolutely appalling.
  7. Sorry, I forgot to mention I will be using Intel Extreme tuning utility to max out my cores so AFTER that I'm wondering if the bottleneck is possible? my cores have quite a bit more to give as my utilization is pretty low when gaming so I know some processors aren't fully being utilized.
  8. Hello guys I've been looking around the form for some time and was hoping I could get a conclusive answer to "Will it Bottleneck" Current specs are stock Gtx 770m SLI (had previous minor OC) I7-4700mq with unparked cores rampped up a slight bit in boost 3.5ghz. what I essentially want to do is take my graphics card to 1082mhz after flashing Vbios but what I fear is that it'll all be done in vain, does anyone have any experience with the Gtx 770m and 4700mq to discuss potential bottle necking? my reference (Post/topic) which discusses OC'ing the 770m does not get into detail on that aspect.
  9. Hello All, I've been wondering as well I've been reading posts on the forums for the past few years in regards to OC'ing and flashing and general hardware talk (in relation to my gear) I've been interested in upgrading my Bios as Alienware has screwed us all and the people that work through these forums are the modern tech hero's!! I can't wait till I can finally flash my bios as it will be the final step in taking my Alienware 18 to the next level!
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