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  1. I was wondering whether you're professional hardware company or just garage-technician? Idea alone seems absolutely cool here
  2. Check this thread on reddit, it helped quite a few people with this check
  3. Not sure whether you still need answer (as the thread seems pretty stale) but generally Hard Drive Disks tend to operate on different speeds, most notably 5400 and 7200 RPM. Of course most of the time you want to have the fastest, which would be 7200 in that case. Ofc you can still invest in SSD ;-)
  4. So you have GSync in Windows or does it break GSync everywhere? I mean in BIOS itself it probably isn't useful
  5. True, many of those in General Notebook Discussion subforum. Doesn't seem that I can report those topics (e.g. this one)
  6. Just BTW, why are other people asking for modded bios if the file is already in the first post? O.o
  7. Ladies and gentleman of TechInferno, it's great to be a part of community that doesn't seem being "nerdy" as disadvantage
  8. Great, thanks for info! EDIT: ugh, just noticed it's old version
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