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  1. @Klem I disable graphic card in driver manager. and I try open NVFlash_Certs_Bypassed_v5.287_x64 with admin and every thing okay. cmd said : restart to take effect. But when i restart , nothing changed. @@ Again i try to make usb boot by rufus and bot. But with freedos, said : cannot open this program in DOS. I spend more than 30 hours on it. but cannot overclock Unlock voltage and more than +135 mhz .
  2. why a guy have P7 893 with NVIDIA Quadro K3000M(1x) and Intel Core i7-2760QM Processor ON K3000M @@ https://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/12524216
  3. I use Dell M6700, 2GB K3000M graphics card. I see the overclock is hopeless. Computer M6700, Windows 10. I installed the Msi afterburner, but could not unlock the voltage. I flash vbios as per instructions: I open the CMD to the desktop (the folder containing rom and nvflash) nvflash --protectoff nvflash k3000m.rom K3000m rom i downloaded here: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/1425-nvidia-kepler-vbios-mods-overclocking-editions-modified-clocks-voltage-tweaks/ ---------------------------- I heard a beep when using the nvflash --protectoff command and another beep when using nvflash k3000m.rom However after doing all that. I installed the afterburner msi, everything is the same. I have edited the MSG afterburder CFG file by making changes like: [Startup] Format = 2 CoreVoltageBoost = PowerLimit = ThermalLimit = ThermalPrioritize = CoreClkBoost = MemClkBoost = [Settings] VDDC_Generic_Detection = 1 All have no effect.
  4. love bad company 3. LOL
  5. a good game, good graphic and play. i dont know why people trash their money on pubg.
  6. yep. you can, logitech cheap and using top sensor.
  7. next change directx =9 on setting be sure it.
  8. i think notebook so thin, and dont need make it unthin ))
  9. My cpu alway around : 40-70 when using chrome or gaming. I m using Dell M6700 ( old laptop)
  10. I want to upgrade my GPU ( K3000M to other card ) from M6700 I found it : thank u. please help
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