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  1. Nice, glad to hear it's working better for ya. Still running Win 7 on my m18x R1 here. I don't have a Sound blaster in mine. Just the IDT. I didnt see anything about a sub-woofer on settings panel.
  2. I'm still running Windows 7 here, I know I am going to need to make the move at some point to 10. But its stuff like this that is holding me back. All these companies collecting all our info, is getting out of hand. From Microsoft, Facebook, & all the web trackers.. it's nuts.
  3. Just make sure if you get the Intel 7260 you get the 7260.HMWG.R one, Its the updated one, and works so much better. They cost around $25-$30 USD. Some tricky vendors list it as the .R, and then when you get it, it's not. If the SPS number isn't 784639-005, then you're not getting the .R.
  4. Harddrv1.. Im in the same boat. Would like to get the bios as well. Wife started using her computer again and I'd like to maybe upgrade a few things on it for her. Been reading this M18x forum, lots of good info here. Really nice to see everyone sharing and helping one another.
  5. Looking at maybe setting up a firewall for the home internet. I been looking at going with a Mini PC & pfSense setup. I have a Gigabit fiber connection, so you would like to have a setup that would be able to handle the high speed net traffic and a VPN. Anyone have any recommendations for a nice mini PC? Thanks!
  6. Hello... My name is Mic and I am from the USA. Just like most others here, I've been into computers since I was a kid, so many years ago. I've recently looked into upgrade my wife's Alienware laptop with some new hardware(Video, wifi) and found out that I'm also going to need to update the bios with a unlocked version.. Really pisses you off when you can't do a simple upgrade to a device that you paid good money more. So like others in this topic, I'm posting a intro message. Thanks to all the people that share their share knowledge with the rest of us!
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