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  1. Yes. Mobile drivers have extra registry keys that disable that, but proprietary/unique mGPU solutions on notebooks don't (like Lenovo's GT650M SLI and GT755M SLI notebooks) and desktop drivers don't either.
  2. Physically yes. BIOS-wise, not yet.
  3. You need to use an external screen to use 3D vision with an external kit. nVidia are money hungry.
  4. I think the current systems need a very drawn-out process to switch from XTU. Clevo's fault.
  5. Try using throttlestop alone to fiddle and setting current limit to 256A (I've seen some notebooks have 255A as highest; this may work too). Your CPU is throttling pretty hard though... it says 4GHz but that score should be closer to 3.4
  6. If you could create a utility to adjust fans and the keyboard backlight feature while we did not have Hotkey software installed, you'd be doing all current-gen clevo notebook owners a ridiculous favour.
  7. There is no publicly available mod for the P750DM2-G. I don't understand why you flashed a P750ZM BIOS mod to it. Even the P750DM-G BIOS would not work.
  8. Not with Prema mod & vBIOS.
  9. Use DDU to clean and shut down for your nVidia drivers, then install the card, then boot up and install drivers fresh. That's the best way. Otherwise, that's basically all you need to do it, as far as I know.
  10. If it will help, I can definitely try. I don't know if I have the correct tool to bake it, though. Does it need to be artifacting in all games? So far it's only been one or two. The other issues (99% util at ~60% of the other card, random split-second freezes once every couple hours, etc) are universally persistent though.
  11. Yup, that's it. Suggest prema mod on the GPU too after you install it but stock vBIOS should work.
  12. @Khenglish any thoughts? This is what the dead 780M looks like I scrutinized them as best I could, but as far as I can see, the working former slave 780M and the barely-working former primary 780M looked exactly the same on all the VRMs, the core, the back, etc. If I didn't have different thermal pastes on the primary and secondary and you swapped them around while I was away from the system I wouldn't be able to tell them apart (except that ID tag near the core, of course). Anything I could try? And/or would you want to buy the dying 780M off of me?
  13. You will likely need a Prema mod. 180W and 980M should be generally sufficient if at stock and undervolting the processor, I think. The only issue would be whether your cooling can handle it, but I think it should be ok.
  14. Okay, so card swap was a success. Primary card now in the slave slot displaying the same features. Less heavy artifacting with SLI on, none with SLI disabled. Confirmed card is near dead, down to single 780M.
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