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  1. Hello, I am looking for an upper end and light weight notebook for both 3d & gaming, and caught between MSI GS60 (970m) and ASUS GL502VT (970m also). What would you suggest for a choice ? or a 3rd alternative, comparing performance, stability & especially heat ?
  2. BlueMax

    Y500 Overheating?

    If you are hitting those temperatures you should better dismantle, clean the thermal radiator block, especially the grid, clean the fan, properly re-paste gpu-cpu and dismantle back. No cooling pad will help cooking chips inside if your cooling system is clogged or mis-aligned. IMO overalll dismantle-cleaning of a notebook at least /year is a must for longevitiy and stability. Better to do a maint & be safe than being sorry.
  3. In theory it is vey possible. If you can get a grip on Lenovo y700's speaker+subwoofer set, (jbl) and you can manage the space to fit them in, it would be a worthy hardware mod upgrade for speakers. Or you can do a cheap software hack n use JBL GO (tiny but decent sound) as a portable subwoofer by audio out duplicating via a virtual jack software and redirecting it over bluetooth.
  4. As the topic explains, is there a solution, a card for a wider bandwidth than 433x2 (867) mbit of intel 7260ac ?
  5. Oh thank you for the link, rules are pretty clear, its just their acccess is not much noticable when registering.
  6. Asus GL502vs (6700hq + 1070m) looks a decent option for some higher level gaming rig. https://www.amazon.com/GL502VS-DB71-Full­HD-Gaming-i7­6700HQ-Windows/dp/B01K1INYD0
  7. Hello all, I found this site while searching for bios unlocking & overclocking. Reading a bit of posts n related content, It seems here will be quite resourceful.
  8. Check your heatsink grids if visible from outside & both intake and exhaust ports filters for clogging, before dismantling anything.
  9. Researching real life performance on two Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 ad-hoc connected each other, and got curious if this configuration will work as 433 mbit or 867 mbit. Does anyone have experience on this?
  10. Uhh, sorta outa topic question but it seems files are inaccessible for newly registered users. What is needed to be done so these files can be downloaded?
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