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  1. Just Flashed mine, had to switch Raid off for windows to boot, nice work.
  2. Reverted to Win7, system is functioning much better.
  3. I know this sounds silly, but did you reconnect the Screen before testing?
  4. that is a great question... anyone have an answer?
  5. So most of the drivers using the service tag I have don't show up, So using the standard m18xr1 I can get most of these installed, is there a guide to updated drivers? especially sound, as the IDT works, but the subwoofer doesn't. no actual IDT control panel with standard install. the tag says I have the SoundBlaster option, but install fails. Any benefit to going back to Windows 7?
  6. Thanks for the Teardown Guide, Got the new to me laptop apart, swapped the video cards, found out the one was defective, baked it in the oven, now running in Crossfire.
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