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  1. aakashzxv2

    is 16GB possible in an M14xR1??

    i have installed 1x 2GB stock and 1x8GB and the total 10gb runs on 1600MHz speed.
  2. aakashzxv2

    mPCIe/EC eGPU troubleshooting steps

    i have alienware m14x r1 and i have found a workaround to install gtx 1050ti by hotplugging the hdmi cable in the gdc when i turn on my laptop and when the underscore appears. in this way i can make my egpu work. is there a fix for this hotplugging because my cable will eventually wear and i cannot update my gpu drivers to latest version because of the lack of hotplugging support .
  3. aakashzxv2

    [M14x r1] Sata on caddy bay ?

    the hard drive in the caddy will work perfectly without any issues. even ssd can work.there is just one issue that the hdd will heat upto 60c which i think will degrade my hdd faster
  4. aakashzxv2

    M14x R1 - BIOS A08 with SATA fix

    did anyone was able to disable the nvidia optimus from this bios ? as it is freezing the laptop when another gpu is attached through pci-e.
  5. aakashzxv2

    M14x R1 - BIOS A08 with SATA fix

    anyway to disable nvidia gpu in this?

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