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  1. [h=2]Hello guys, I have been looking all over for a way to raise the voltage of my MSI GTX 770 gaming edition. I have tried everything from MSI after burner beta to kgb and more but none seem to be able to get me more then +12mv. Even after modifying the cfg files of afterburner I still cant seem to get more then the 12mv it gives by default. So I figured an unlocked GTX 770 (GK104) bios would work so that I can crank up the volts and see what this baby can do. If you can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.[/h]
  2. [h=2]This is what I got so far.[/h] 1350mhz for core clock and around 7.75ghz for the memory clock with 1.212 volts and i get around 58C which honestly leads me to believe i could push the voltage farther. Now for some reason right now the voltage wont go above 1.1 volts which im still trying to figure out. Anyways im looking for help on fully unlocking the voltage to around 1.3 volts. I already have a custom bios on it from skyn3t which is suppose to boost it to 1.212 volts which it did but im looking to push it more since my temps dont go above 58C on the unigine valley 4.0 benchmark and i get around 42 fps avg from the oc above. Im wondering if anyone has the knowledge to share on making a custom bios to fully unlock the voltage cause i feel like the power limiter screwed up my voltages. The software im using is msi afterbuner as the gigabyte software is shit. I have tryed the softmod 1.3v and no luck and both mods for afterburner to edit the voltage and no luck i would just get invalids when trying to identify the card. If anyone has any other ideas on how i could push the voltage please help me out its driving me nuts because i feel this card has so much more potential then what nividia has set.
  3. hello guys.. a few days ago I did some tests with titan + gtx690 in metro LL. the SLi feeling is not the best (caused by AFR) so I tried GTX690 as physX card and titan to render the szene. In forceware selected physX-GPU can't be overclocked.. is that new? years ago I tried physX once and it was possible to overclock any ppu.. I tried GT240, GTX460 and GTX560Ti.. GTX690 leaves @915MHz coreclock..
  4. I have hdd on caddy but it only run at sata 2 ? how to it run at sata 3 ?
  5. i have alienware m14x r1 and i want to use egpu but do i know alienware m14x can use thunderbolt ?
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