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  1. Raspberry PI's ethernet is slow... Either go for a Banana or another 1Gb interface-board or go big. Mod an old desktop to hold an intel ITX board of a newer generation
  2. grennith

    Gtav on pc

    Went through the main story, done. Installed it recently and it actually is quite an awesome game but I don't want to spend time on modding etc :x
  3. If you manage to have both cards running you may just as well check if you can use the nVidia-card for nvidia-supported features. I remember some article on nvidia's features in Assassins Creed which you could render with an nvidia card doing the calcs for smoke etc whilst having stronger card for the major tasks
  4. Get yourself a Raspberry PI and check up on guides for strongswan VPN - it's quite easy to setup
  5. Dunno what your problem with 1080p@27" is. I myself am gaming on a 27 inch 1080p BenQ 120Hz monitor and it's awesome. Bought it when 1440 was way too expensive.
  6. Definitely going to try the mod, I honestly dunno why Lenovo puts such restrictions regarding WiFi-cards on consumer-devices
  7. Quite interesting, I gave up gaming on the y510p due to the lack of GPU power without the bay :/
  8. Interesting indeed - considering cancer kills a lot a ppl every day
  9. Last time I went to the theater I watched the newes Fast and Furious - it's a bit too much "magic" on the techy-side
  10. I had a 290 non-X prior to upgrading (it had some issues but was working). I ended up with a 1060 because of the consumption in idle with multiple monitors... Considering the 290 consumes shittons of energy compared to the 480 I would definitely get on instead of a second 290X o.o
  11. What about Downloads and what does the Engineer-infopage show? speedport.ip/engineer Keep on bugging the hotline or file a disturbance on your line
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