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  1. I would buy one of these adapters at the drop of a hat the second I can verify it would work on a Y500.
  2. A modified BIOS is required as Lenovo has a whitelist and the systems won't allow anything but approved devices to be used. If you try using an unapproved device, it won't allow you to do anything until you remove it. I also use 2.04, but a modified version of it. I shall soon have a Samsung CHG70 running with my Y500 and RX 480. Specifically the 27" C27GH70. Though, that would require Samsung to start filling orders on those. To which, Samsung has been completely unresponsive as to when that might happen >_>
  3. I don't think that would work the same with this sort of setup. That's mostly for desktop computers with motherboards that allow that sort of thing. So far, the nVidia GPU seems to be limited to usage on the internal display. As it causes heavy performance issues to use the internal display for gaming purposes, I typically won't use it. Though it is still better than the internal GPU. Though, if it were possible, I would gladly allow the internal GPU to handle the physics tasks.
  4. Does the particular R9 270x that you're using have a UEFI BIOS? If it doesn't it can cause some issues with certain notebooks. If your system happens to be one of these, you'll have to enable legacy support in your BIOS to get your system to boot. Then I'd suggest flashing a UEFI BIOS to that card and it shouldn't cause any more issues.
  5. Oh, if anyone was wondering, I figured out how to have both cards running at the same time. If you go into your BIOS and go to Advanced, then Video Configuration, and Enable 'Special Features'. This will allow both the GT750M/GT650M and whatever other card your running in the EXP GDC to run at the same time. In Windows 10 it seems to cause an occasional blue screen, but that could also be my faulty USB network adapter.
  6. Can the parts be harvested from the Y500/Y510p Ultrabay HDD caddy?
  7. So, has anyone managed to get one of these to work on the Y500 yet? I'd really rather have one of these than the EXP GDC Beast or PE4C. I don't like having a cable permanently attached and would really like to be able to easily remove this when needed. Plus the x8 is a bonus.
  8. Well, after completely reinstalling a fresh copy of Windows 10, I can now run both GPU's at the same time with no issues. I don't have to disable the GT750m in Windows anymore, and Windows no longer completely stops the card from functioning. It actually runs better this way. The GT750m is still able to keep Windows from completely bluescreening if AMD's drivers have an issue which lately they seem to have. I wish there was a way to dedicate the GT750m to running the physics when gaming, as the 3630QM seems to have zero capability of doing so, but otherwise it's performing fairly decently.
  9. Yo lappytoppins has a m.2 port there... Specifically, the m.2 key e This is what you need, the v4.1 with the m.2 adapter.
  10. It works on the internal display, but only if an external one is connected. I do believe at least with the Y500, that is the same whether you're using an AMD or Nvidia GPU as it doesn't have Optimus. You can buy a headless adapter if you don't have an external monitor.
  11. I have an RX 480 and an EXP GDC v8.3e, so it's not that the card is too new.
  12. That's what I have been doing. It does seem to cause some instabilities, so I was hoping flashing might fix it. It doesn't seem to be a voltage or heat issue, so I think it might be an issue with the drivers and Wattman working properly. The settings app crashes a lot for some reason.
  13. Overclocking can improve performance, yes. I OC'd my XXX to the BE's clocks and I get about a 10-15 FPS boost. I left my settings at default. They really didn't change anything in regards to my eGPU or internal one, so I didn't see the point in changing anything.
  14. I just disabled it through Windows device manager. Both cards start up when booting into Windows, but the 750m disables once the login screen comes up. Though, the 750m will re-enable it's self at some times and just needs disabled again. Keep in mind, I am only using mine via Screen 2 on the external monitor output. If I was mirroring or extending the screen, both screens would show up and wold be still running off the RX 480. Here's how it should boot up with a similar setup to mine: https://youtu.be/nzwTIR5Pd0I
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