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  1. All right... I know this may sound stupid but I need a hand here... This is my situation, I Have a home network with a NAS attached to it... My computer as mapped drive... and I want to be able to access it when im not on my home network. SO I was thinking VPN is one option... And the other one could be to use DDNS, convert my NAS ip to a fix domain name... and then map the domain name. The issue, I have no clue how a VPN works or is configured... I have no clue how a DDNS works or is configured... I run WIN7 ultimate X64. And my router/modem is provided from my ISP model: Cisco DPC3848V DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway (I think there is no built-in VPN but I see there is a DDNS option were I would switch ON and then select the provider (DYNdns) and then log in info + domain name... And my NAS drive is FTP+SSH enabled Any help would be appreciated...
  2. Not sure I understand your question... This is my network card config: Jumbo frame is disabled (OS is in french) But his is my PC not my NAS. and I meant my ISP connection speed it is 100mbps max. This is the slow speed, when transferring using Windows explorer. Right now its slower but ive seen 23... its just im doing a transfer right now from NAS to NAS usb. And this is the speed I get from LOCAL SSD (SATA3 samsung 840pro + rapid share ON from samsung optimizator) to NAS: Current network speed when I did those test (LOWER then usual):
  3. Thanks this is what I needed!
  4. I know someone else mentioned it in their own experience it didnt work. For me I have a huge concrete wall and well its not helping the wifi... I used a powerline and it worked great, not even a drop in speed!!! D-Link PowerLine AV2 2000 Gigabit Starter Kit (DHP-701AV) : Range Extenders & Powerline Networking - Best Buy Canada
  5. I use a simple WD mycloud, 4TB. (available in 2-4-6-12TB even RAID1) As a NEAT interface... easy to use and setup... built-in backup... email notifications...Apple app to access your stuff while not on same LAN. Expendable using USB 3.0 at the back!!! (ive got 3 x 5TB attached to it now) And to answer your last question, Im using is to stream and share its my multimedia library no issues streaming 4 at the same time so far!!!! its been great. (its hardwired to my dual band router on a 100mbp/s connection) LINK: WD My Cloud - Secured Personal Cloud - Access Anywhere
  6. The intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205, does NOT have Bluetooth built-in. That is what im using... had a VERY hard time to get it to work a 300mbps tough! IM not familiar with your laptop, but keep in mind when selecting a N WLAN card, is its a 2x2 card meaning you will need 2 antennas to have the full 300mbps and yes they are 2.4ghz tuned if you have them already. I have 2.4ghz antennas and I see a GREAT range improvement while on 5ghz network. (my router is a dual band so it support the 5ghz). As for your current situation, as they other suggest, download a network WiFi scanner and it will tell you what is being used in your area... what channel they use... and then pick one not or barely used... give it a try and if not, upgrade to 5ghz. My two cents.
  7. 'limited connectivity'' meaning no internet or slow speed? SLOW SPEED: -Was the dongle coming with a DVD with drivers? -Did you check the installed driver version vs the latest one available online for the dongle? -Did you check your USB port drivers if they are up to date? -Are you actually on the LAN using your built-in WIFI card AND trying to connect using the dongle software?
  8. I ended up testing both drives on the benchtest and actually there is not a big difference... the difference is the time it takes to reach cruise speed... so if your interested, for best optimization, higher dick RPM faster it reach the cruising speed... at least that is my deduction. Interesting fact... Since im extending my NAS drive using USB 3.0 to the other drive... I noticed that when im transferring files from the main drive to the extension, the speed is VERY low... about max 23mb/s. Anyone experiencing that? My theory is that since im using windows explorer as the interface with the 2 location mapped as drives, i think it transfer the file to my PC and then to the final location which is completely stupid! Even hardwired, with a 100MB/s connection and lan card, 23mb/s is my max speed... When I use the NAS interface software to move files, I cant see the speed unfortunately but I times a transfer and it seems like were going to about 90.33mb/s (300go/h) that would confirm my theory with windows explorer. Anyone experiencing that? I tried to find a solution to do a NAS to NAS transfer with something else then win explorer of the NAS interface like an FTP program but without success... I see that my NAS is FTP and SHH enable but Ive never done any SHH or FXP (server-to-server). Any help would be appreciated...
  9. Anyone with experience with NAS drive? I bough a mycloud 4tb from WD months ago and im loving it! its easy to configure and the remote access via HTTP and apple apps is great! However, I came to a point I needed more space and started to worry about backup. So this is my current setup: Main 4TB, mycloud used for DATA. AT the back of the mycloud device, used a USB 3.0 hub. And added 1 seagate backup plus 5TB and 2 WD mybook 5TB each. My questions is speed wise, witch one should be used for media streaming? I had in mind to use the mycloud + seagate as media streaming one... and the 2 mybook as backup device. What do you guys think? Thanks!!
  10. How many of you did the bluray upgrade on your machine? (internal) What hardware did you use? Thanks!!
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