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  1. Will this work with the y500? And is it still purchaseable?
  2. Darn, I noticed this yesterday, fortunately for me, I use my y500 as a multipurpose home server (and it makes quite a powerful one I might add, especially paired with the likes of CentOS and some USB3.0 external hard drives). So if I really needed another msata port, in addition to the SSD one that is on the bottom right of the y500 when it is face down and the cover is off, I can use the wifi one because you don't need wifi for a server ;). There goes my theory of a 3rd slot though, welp.
  3. Mine has been making some weird noise from the fan, and the worst part was, I thought I ordered a replacement part for it, but it turns out that the part was for a y400 when I took the whole thing apart and found that one of the screws for the cooling module didn't line up correctly. The first time taking apart this laptop is a bit of a pain, but it was a fun challenge nevertheless. To make matters worse, after putting it back together almost completely, the speakers were not recognized, so I had to open it up again and make sure everything was connected (which it wasn't) and then repeat the process of reassembling it again.
  4. Every once and a while, my fan will start rattling, and everything works fine, but it is just extremely annoying and I don't know how to make it stop. I tried using the dust cleaning function of the lenovo battery application, and it helped a little but occasionally it will start making the noise, and it is really loud and concerning because I hope it is not indicating any other more pressing issues with the Y500.
  5. I will have to try this. I didn't know you couldn't OC the ultrabay card with the OC tool. I was under the impression OC worked without any mods for the ultrabay card. This looks promising however.
  6. This is awesome. I am going to try it today.
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