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  1. Anyone knows how to reflash firmware into walkietalkie? Very fing important and asap!
  2. Thank you. Looks like 770M will work on MSI vBIOS. And 765M might work on Clevo vBIOS. But someone wrote that some 765M cards may have black screens after driver installation so he made some mod from MSI 770M vBIOS for 765M. Or at least that is how I translated that so far.
  3. Sorry for reviving old post but first you wrote that battery should go first and later you wrote that card should go first...
  4. But in case I need to flash 670M vBIOS of Toshiba to 570M from Msi:) What is exact key code for nvflash to do that?
  5. 1100MHz should be fine. I saw 1200 though.
  6. So, here we go again? We need to create another petition and create new thread on each forum Nvidia Lied about overclocking Mobile, They Clockblocked AGAIN!
  7. Prema, I had no doubts that you will unlock those vBIOSes.
  8. I have never looked at this situation from this side. Hmmm, looks like it's all real serious in a tech world with areas of influence etc.
  9. I would if I knew it's true:unconscious: But I will be surprised if something he teased would happen at all. Just imagine how huge crown he would get if he is a troll? Man, I myself would congratulate him. For now even if he knows something he really doesn't want to give it in a finished form (like instruction or files for download)..
  10. Maybe nvidia had some alpha stage stuff in those drivers so they decided to cut them with flesh out of *.sys files?
  11. I guess IQ test is really needed to be registered here. You can't know if other guy is trolling or he is THAT DUMB to be unable to understand basics like 2+2 = 4 or where is your right hand and where is left one.
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