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  1. Hey all, Is it safe to install this on my laptop? I'm running Windows 7. I've read some scary things... or is that just with windows 10? Please let me know. Thanks- - - Updated - - - Hey all, Is it safe to install this on my laptop? I'm running Windows 7. I've read some scary things... or is that just with windows 10? Please let me know. Thanks
  2. Guys, on a similar note. I've recently installed AutoCAD 2016 and Revit 2016 and a long with the installation were a bunch of Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables. What happened after was that EVERY single game I ran, lagged. It was ridiculous. I even reinstalled the game fresh and still lagging. I believed it was these C++ installs that made everything lag. Am I right? I did a system restore and everything's back to normal now, but I don't have the latest CAD nor revit. Did anyone every run into anything like this? The programs were working fine. Just that the games were lagging like crazy. Thoughts anyone?
  3. yea, i think im gona do that... next upgrade i plan to do, I'm gona build a tower Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for the reply Robbo. So, what happened to me when I tried to upgrade my secondary hard drive to a 2Tb was that I took the page filing option to the secondary drive instead of the main SSD. When I switched out the hard drive, it refused to start. After I switched it back, it worked. So, after figuring out how to get it running, and I reinstalled EVERYTHING, (like (800Gb of programs/ games) I realized that every 30 secs to 5 mins, the computer would freeze for like 5-10 secs, then go back to normal. (lol, I know, just my luck right) The issue was that the a bios setting was incorrect. I can't remember if I had RAID or AHCI, but whichever one it was, I had the wrong one and I couldn't just switch it, so I had to do a clean install and the only way to reinstall the audio drivers to get the computer working without the external sound card is to have the soundcard drivers installed!!! I had to swap back to the 6990mHD and install the drivers. It worked fine. I installed everything and all was go. A few months later, I decided to play a game that was incompatible with the soundcard and the 780mGTX installed. Anyway, long story short, it was a disaster. Sometimes, the computer would refuse to boot with the 6990mHD installed. I literally did the exact thing for 4 hours straight; CHANGING NO DETAIL with what I did, and only 4 hours later it worked. It was PURELY hit or miss. There were 4 beeps or 5 beeps or 6 beeps sometimes and the way around them was different all the time. Imagine that for one of the scenarios, the GPU had to be removed, sometimes it wouldn't need to. Then I had to put bios settings back whenever I removed the GPU, when it wasn't, I'll have to hold down the function button, then try again. Then when it does start, it will start with the screen flickering in green or red or something. Then I would have to re-seat the card, then go into bios and re-set stuff. Sometimes, i forgot to change it, AHHHHHHH!!!! it was a nightmare and a half, seriously. Seeing that you had to go through all that and you have no sound card issue, I think I'm good with windows 7. Like they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. In my 2Tb data drive, I have like 1.4Tb filled with movies, games and programs. I might seriously get a stroke this time around. I'll think I'll just have Windows 10 on my netbook and have my m17x run windows 7. I use it like a desktop anyways and i use the M11x when I'm mobile. A couple questions; the driver you linked above, do you think it'll work with the 780m GTX installed on a windows 7 machine? I think it will be the same procedure as usual
  5. Hey guys, I have a situation that I'd like some advice with if you can help. Basically I'm thinking about upgrading my M17xR3 to windows 10. Now, I was thinking that if I was to go about doing that, that the main problem would obviously be the sound card issues as before. Now, lol, I've gone through hell and back with this M17xR3 and I've vowed that I will not open up this computer again. The latest thing that I did was upgrade the secondary hard drive to a 2Tb hard drive so that I can store more media on it. The 500Gb wasn't cutting it, so the act of upgrading that was ridiculous, but I got it done. (Yes, I had to re-format and do a clean installation) The latest nuisance with this computer was playing Black Ops 2 on it. Apparently this game has issues with the sound card as well while using the 780m GTX. Anyways, with the 2Tb upgrade solved, I thought that I could at least swap back to the 6990mHD back and forth (that was the worst idea). Long story short, I had a hell ride getting the 780m GTX working again, the computer even refused to boot with the 6990mHD. I'm still running windows 7 on my M17x (back up and running) and I have windows 10 installed in my netbook, which really looks promising, hence why I'm thinking about upgrading my 17". Has anyone even thought about upgrading to windows 10 or has anyone even tried with all the upgraded hard drives and gymnastics that needs to be done to get the hardware running? I've been really out-of-date with this forum, so please excuse me if this has been discussed before. Can it be done without issue with the M17xR3 with the hardware upgrades or is it too much stress to manage?
  6. thanks, that's good to know. I've had my old card on me since, lol, now i can toss it. i'll keep note of that if i want to upgrade to windows 10! I really hate taking apart my computer after all the headache with my upgrades. U have no idea the trouble i went through with my gpu, cpu and hdd upgrades... the headaches were in decreasing order however, but trouble nonetheless. I was hoping that the secondary hdd upgrade was the last time i had to take apart my laptop. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. i"m not 100% sure, but yea, try that. I just know that u cant do it with the 780m installed. u want to try it with the iGPU? just make sure to disable it when installing the 780m again. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. u need to have the 780m out of the laptop to have the soundcard enabled in order to install the IDT driver. i don't know why this is the case, because i enabled audio once my 780m was recognized and it didn't install. I had to take it out to get it to work. I put in my old 6990m, enabled audio, installed driver, disabled audio, swapped to 780m, started ok, then i reenabled the audio and everything worked. i know this because i had to reinstall windows when i changed my secondary hdd to a 2TD. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. I think that's what J95 has in the post above. Don't forget to thank him Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. What about the sound card issue? Will that be present with the 770m? I assumed it was for all the 700m series cards... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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