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  1. naightmehr

    m17x r4 980m Low performance

    Put your laptop to hibernate and wake it up
  2. naightmehr

    M17X R4 GTX 1060 upgrade

    Yeah sorry unfortunately I do not have enough information to give you a concrete answer.. I don't think it'll recognize the gpu until you can load it's uefi drivers and get it properly installed, I mean bios isn't that important as long as windows detecs the gpu.
  3. naightmehr

    M17X R4 GTX 1060 upgrade

    If your system is partitioned with MBR then yes
  4. naightmehr

    M17X R4 GTX 1060 upgrade

    In the unlocked bios set video options to "SG", check if windows detecs the graphics card. You might find a clue here,
  5. naightmehr

    M17x R4 upgrade to gtx880m

    During this process the video option was set to PEG or auto, there's a good chance it switched to your intel gpu while updating the drivers.
  6. naightmehr

    Non persistent voltage leads on MB

    I don't think the heatsink you mentioned will work, the R5 has a slightly different dimention, a 4th pipe won't fit on top. I don't know what the experience is from other users but the heatsink I bought from taobao gave me a 12 degrees drop compared to the stock heatsink (tested with mx-4 thermal paste) after that I applied the thermal grizzly liquid metal which gave another 15 degrees drop.
  7. naightmehr

    Non persistent voltage leads on MB

    Sounds like a lot of effort with a lot of risk. Personally I bought this heatsink from taobao through yoybuy. The heatsink with the m14x fan mod and liquid metal from thermal grizzly keeps the temps easily below 85 degrees with a 4.5 overclock on all 4 cores.
  8. naightmehr

    Need Help: 8 Beeps Issue

    Sounds like your video card or motherboard died, bit difficult to test that since you got the 3D screen and the intel gpu doesn't work with that. I think your best guess is buying a cheap videocard, e.g. gtx 675m, gtx765m and test if those work.
  9. naightmehr

    M17x R4 upgrade to gtx880m

    I believe that it was said before that without legacy turned on windows 7 won't work, I believe you need to use windows 8.1 or 10 if you want to run full uefi.
  10. naightmehr

    M17x R4 upgrade to gtx880m

    Give the A11 unlocked bios a try and set the video option to PEG rather than trying to use FN+F7.
  11. I'm starting to question if this might be a bug in the latest nvidia drivers. https://we.tl/b4Hlxff1y5 I uploaded nvidia driver 397.64 in a zip archive, modded the inf with your ID's, give that a try.
  12. Weird, I'm afraid I can't help you any further then, if I had a gtx980m myself I could've tried some things :-/
  13. What if you use DDU to uninstall the driver and then right-click on the gtx980m and select update driver and then use the browse driver menu to refer to the nvidia driver?
  14. Yeah I can't figure it out, I just installed the newest drivers for my gtx1070 and those work fine after I modded the inf with my specific codes. I followed the same proces with your code, so give this inf another try https://www29.zippyshare.com/v/vhqkg80s/file.html If it doesn't work this time then I got no clue what might be the issue
  15. Where did you get driver 352.84 from? Mind sending me the inf so I can check what section it uses in there to recognise your gpu? Rather weird how an older driver installs just fine when the proces of modifying our own inf should've been been done correctly.

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