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  1. Hello, I have a 2nd hand M17XR4 from 2014. (I bought it 2nd hand because I wanted an alienware but had no money for brand new ones, its my first ever personal purchase after saving up when i had a job, my first and only laptop:( ) The issue happened suddenly while playing League, it crashed and wouldnt boot up anymore. It gives 8 beeps when powering on. No LCD light and 8 beeps when powered on with gpu. LCD lights up when gpu is removed but still 8 beeps and stuck at black screen. I cant bring it to a service center because there is none here in Philippines. The LCD is 3d capable as I recall. Im hoping to buy an old gpu from you guys just so I can make it work again. The old gpu on it is a GTX 675M (see attached). I brought it to some guys who tried to have a look but they couldnt find any visible issue on the motherboard, lcd, and gpu. (They opened the laptop up.) They also tried to reheat the solders just in case but it did nothing. I already spent 200$ in travel and expenses going to those shops because I live far from the capital but still no luck. Can you guys help me out what should be done?
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