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  1. I have converted to a GPT partition and have disabled the legacy boot rom option. My bios is set to SG in video settings and windows still does not detect the card. That's real unfortunate, as I purchased this card a little more than a month ago, and took that time getting the rest of the components needed to attempt an upgrade (new lcd panel, processor, etc) to do it all at once, so I don't believe I can get my money back... I hope the cards not dead and it's something else that I'm overlooking. EDIT: Was just going through bios and found that my lcd panel type was still set to 1600x900 or something else from my old panel. My resolution in windows was 1920x1080, but not in bios. I changed this to 1920x1080 LVDS in bios hoping that would make a difference, but it did not. Can anyone tell me all of their advanced video settings, pci-e settings, etc in their bios if they have a 1060 or 1070 working with a 60hz panel in optimus mode? That would be greatly appreciated Also, if it helps, this isn't where I bought it, but this is the exact card that I have Nvidia GTX 1070mxm 3.1
  2. I believe it is, I'll move over to a GBT, or whatever it is, partition. However, would the bios not even recognize that a card is inserted?
  3. My video options were set to "SG" and windows did not detect the card. I have UEFI enabled, but I don't have "Legacy ROM options" disabled because I don't have a way of cloning my sdd at the moment and didn't want to reinstall everything on a new partition. Could that be the problem?
  4. Hi, I purchased an MSI 1070 for attempted use in my m17x r4 and it is not detected when I boot with it in my system. Unlocked a11 bios reports "not detected" for discrete graphics when trying to use this card. Can anyone advise? Am I missing a step? I have a 1920x1080 60hz display, but thought that was fine as long as I was running in optimus mode. @naightmehr, you've been such a help in the past. Do you have any input on this?
  5. I went ahead and ordered the one you recommended. Hopefully I get as good of performance out of it as you do.
  6. Do you think this heatsink will fit? It says its for the r5, r6 (17r1,r2), but looking at it it appears to be the same physical size and layout, just with 2 more heatpipes. Thanks for all of your help, with this and before. I had originally planned on staying away from the aftermarket heatsinks, as I had found this thread which had some people talking about them being worse than the stock cooler. I don't know exactly which heatsinks they were using, or why they had bad results with them, but it scared me away from them. If you say you maintain a regular overclock with one, however, I'll definitely pick one up.
  7. Nevermind, I found one. I'll update with a link to a write up on this project at a later date.
  8. Hi everyone, I have an unusual request. I have an i7-3940xm in my M17xr4 and it's difficult to keep cool. I have already done the m14x fan mod and I'm using Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal compound... it's just not enough. The CPU is constantly being throttled (my bios settings in a11 unlocked are set to throttle it 85 C) when under load, and it will sometimes see temperatures in the mid to high 90s. The maximum operating temperature is rated at 105C, and I have a thermal shutdown set in bios for 100C, which it hasn't yet reached (but it gets scary close). Even when throttled, it's still an upgrade and runs better then the stock 3630qm, but I don't wan't it to throttle all of the time. I know I could underclock it, but what's the point of having an upgraded CPU if you're just going to downclock it to similar specs as the original (baring cache, of course). At idle, by the way, it jumps around mid 50s to high 60s. Anyway, to keep it cool, I want to try using a peltier cooler. They're thermoelectric ceramic devices of which one side gets hot and the other gets cold when an electric current goes through them, for those who didn't already know. I figure I can sandwich it between my cpu and the heatsink and try to help keep the cpu's temps a little more reasonable. I have one of a workable size which can withstand temps of up to 135C, and I've done the math with it's specs so that it hopefully knocks 25ish degrees off while at full load and not overheat the peltier doing so. This leads me to my question/request; I need to know if anyone would know a place on the motherboard which supplies voltage when the laptop is running, but not when it's off, whether or not the charger/battery is connected? I have found a few good sources on the MB which can withstand the drain, but they're always hot, even when the laptop is off. I have a multimeter and have been probing, but I don't want to disassemble half the laptop and attempt running it in pieces to verify a good source. If no one knows off hand or has any idea, does anyone know of any schematics or files which exist which contain voltage information of various contacts on the m17x r4 motherboard? I know this is a strange request and most will not be able to assist, but before taking it all the way apart to probe around I thought I would at least ask. I'll make a write-up on how it's done and how well it works if it's successful, as well as a controller circuit if necessary using a teensy 2.0 or something.
  9. I wonder why that is. I'm going to try, to the best of my ability, to get the 1070 working on a 60hz screen. That means I still need to get a new screen, as mine is only 1600x900 (My biggest gripe with the system so far). I don't want to loose my HDMI input and I think that moving to a 120hz screen will break it. I'll report back after I get a new 1920x1080 non 3D 60hz screen to test things out with. Hopefully I can get it all working, and if I do, I'll do a write-up on the full upgrade list. I have an idea for a cooling mod that I want to try that I don't think has been done in one of these laptops yet, so I'll experiment with that as well.
  10. That's excellent news, I was not expecting that. I didn't think the onboard intel gpu would drive a 120hz screen (Isn't the HDMI input a pass-through from that chipset?). Thank you for all of your help and the time you've taken to answer my questions. It's much appreciated.
  11. I mean the HDMI input, not the output. I use this laptop every once in a while to hook my ps4 up to when I go to some friends' places. I prefer it over lugging a TV around. Do you know if your HDMI input still works? Can you test it? Thanks again for all of the help
  12. @naightmehr, thanks for your responses. They really are a lot of help. One last thing, does your HDMI input still work? I figured it would be incompatible with a 120hz screen since I think it ran on the integrated intel gpu.
  13. @naightmehr, thank you for the reply. I've bought the fan from the m14x r2 to do the cooling mod and I was planning on using grizzly kryonaut thermal compound (it's the best i.m.o. before going to liquid metal) as I was concerned the gallium would corrode the aluminum heatsink mount that's around the copper. I have not been able to find any 3 pipe coolers for the m17x. What did you do to yours? Do you have pictures? Any place you could point me to if I was going to undergo a similar mod to either my current heatsink or a new one? Thanks again. EDIT: Also, do you think the cpu could push 32gb of ram at 2133mhz? I know the 3rd gen intels don't officially support over 1600mhz memory, but I've seen some people push 1866mhz with some lower end i7s and some push 2133 with some higher end 3rd gen i7s, and our motherboards have the option in the bios, but 32gb at that clock? Also, if it could handle it, would it need even more power to do so? More than the 330W brick could supply with the 3940xm and 1070? One last thing, what do you use to monitor the gpu power consumption/clock? Just hwinfo64 or something else? EDIT 2: One last thing, are you running windows 10 or an older OS? What bios are you running? I know the a11 unlocked is what most people use when putting in a 10 series card, but is it required still since the a14 bios is somewhat unlocked from dell now? I don't see the display mode options (i.e. optimus, peg, etc) in my bios so I'm assuming I'll need to roll back to a11 then a11 unlocked? I haven't yet purchased my new display for use with the 1070.
  14. First, I also apologize for bringing back a mostly dead thread. The reason I do so is that @phobos1984 and @naightmehr are the only people I've found that mention the 330W psu working out of the box on an M17x. A user on another forum has said that his worked for him right out of the box, but only for a day or two, after which it dropped down to a 240W max draw. I have an M17x r4 that I'm in the process of upgrading to a i7-3940xm and a gtx 1070. Can either of you confirm that your 330W power supplies have continued working with no modification and without falling back to 240W? Thank you both, and I appreciate the time you may take to answer my questions.
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