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  1. Hey All I have a M17x R4 running the InsydeH20 unlocked bios version A15. My CPU is a 3940XM and runs hot under load. Intel's XTU and Throttlestop doesn't support undervolting of this CPU and I can't find any options within the bios for modifying core voltages. Has anyone done it before? Could you assist me finding the option within the bios? Thanks
  2. I'm in Sydney. How about yourself? Will any GTX 1070 mxm 3.0 card (that will fit) work? I'm assuming some are better than others. I was considering a Clevo 1070 from ebay (N17E-G2-A1) assuming the GPU lines up with the heat sink. I have read that there can be audio problems after replacing the GPU? Is there a known best replacement? The respray you have done looks amazing! One day I may try it. Both the lid and palm rest are sticky, but the lid is the worse effected. I completely forgot about the msata ssd. I may just look for a replacement for that. I have noticed since I started using the laptop again, the speakers are ruined. They are very "buzzy" but still usable. Probably from getting bumped around in house moves and getting shifted from different storage locations. 99% of the time I use headphones anyway but at some point, this will be another part I would like to replace. Pm sent about the screen, lid and palmrest.
  3. Hey New to the forum and upgrading laptops. Decided earlier this year to pull my old M17XR4 out of storage. So far I have added 32gb of Corsair Vengance Ram, upgraded the CPU to an Intel I7 3940XM and installed the unlocked A15 Bios thanks to the forum user Klem. I still have the AMD 7970M which I would like to replace with a Nvidia GTX1070 aswell as replacing the 60Hz monitor with the 120Hz monitor. Would appreciate any information on getting and installing these. I have bought an M.2 to PCIe mini adapter for my next upgrade which will be the wifi card. I am looking at getting the Intel AC-9260. Seems like the latest model to not require CNVI. I have also purchased an adapter which will convert the M17XR4's U.FL antenna to MHF4 which will connect to the AC-9260. The last thing on the list is to replace the twin 1tb mechanical hard drives with some modern ssd's. Is there anything else I should be adding? I know I could buy a new laptop but I find it fun bringing life back to such an awesome machine. **I just remembered one last thing, has anybody worked out a solution to the sticky rubber substance which the laptop is coated with? I have seen the results of somebody removing it with IPA but the look was not good. I was thinking of maybe doing a wrap with one of these ebay kits https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/KH-Laptop-Brushed-Sticker-Skin-Cover-Protector-for-Alienware-M17x-R1-R2-R3-R4-/173609124636?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=705-154756-20017-0 ***
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'm in NSW.
  5. I saw the ebay one aswell. It's the same card but the one I am thinking of buying is from a pc recycling company. I was originally wanting a 1070 because I just want to get this pc upgraded and usable again. But then I saw the 1080 and started considering it. If it is too much work and effort, I might just forget about the 1080. I found my old laptop and over the last few months I have upgraded the ram to 32gb corsair vengeance and the cpu to a 3940xm aswell as a unlocked bios. I now want to upgrade the GPU but I am not sure which path to take. It still has the stock amd gpu.
  6. I have not got as far as working out how it will be powered yet. Im still on the fence if I should even buy it. The seller has told me it is from a MSI GT Titan. From looking at my stock amd gpu, the die does appear to be in the same place. I am confident with my soldering and if I can find a pinout for that connection, I feel confident I can supply power to it. My biggest concern is getting it working once installed. I am all ears for any input.
  7. Can anyone tell me if the connection on the top right of the GTX 1080M MAX-P is for additional power? If so, will it take care of any power issues the m17xr4 has at powering it? Sorry if it has been asked before but I have not found a topic on it. Pic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DAvsD0vCAfBQ_yzouPwUkdYlk4iuNLKO/view?usp=drivesdk
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