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  1. I had a similar problem and it was only fixed by getting a new adapter
  2. Hey Klem any chance I can get a hand with the 980m? I cant seem to unlock the 135 mhz cap unless lock it in the vbios.
  3. I fixed this issue by making a Vbios that runs the card at 99% instead of 100% to get rid of the throttle, but now I'm having an issue where the system will shut off when GPU usage gets too high for a period of time. It's not the temps as they never even get over 70. the charger doesn't turn off when the system does, but I noticed its starting to rip where the charger plug connect to the cable. Does this sound like power issues or something else?
  4. Anyone got a vbios for the 980m to stop throttling in the m17xr4? Seems as though everything is private these days for some reason GM204.rom
  5. Hey all, just got my m17xr4 and put my 980m from my m15x (old) in it. I was able to score much higher graphics score in firestrike even though it is a much older machine. I made a custom vbios for the m15x to get rid of any throttling, and am in the process of making on for the m17xr4 but I'm wondering if there is anything else I have missed to deal with the throttling. any help would be appreciated
  6. Hey all, decided to get a cheap m15x and managed to get an msi gtx 980m along with it. I've ordered two fans I'm planning on trying to mod in, one being a 13 cfm dell m6700 fan and the other a 11cfm m4700 fan to try and help with the heat. I currently have a 210 or 240 watt? power adapter and a 920xm installed so I'm planning on undervolting the gpu. Is it best to do this inside afterburner or is better to do try and mod the vbios? Also will I have to flash the dell vbios onto my card to get it working with my system or will I just have to modify the .INF file?
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