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  1. casis86

    Witcher 3

    atleast something, maybe it comes 2077 :DDD
  2. this doesnt help much either. cant see specification, the acer looks cool but thats about it 5600 rpm hard drive isnt good. The dell has a 2 fans 1 for each chip which is pretty good also its dell they allways build good stuff take the cheapest one and upgrade evrything urself like ram, ssd, hdd. Couldnt look at us side but in germany they sell them allready with the gtx 1080m which is awsome. But we pay 999€ for the cheapest model. about lenovo never had one. this 2 fan cooling looks fine but if its for any good use who knows. And it looks ugly.
  3. it depends, which games u wanna play with. Online Gaming (more ram), new games (more grafik), and what else u wanna do with. Do u wanna use an external screen cuz 15 zoll is quite small u gotta keep in mind u gone look on it for some hours. oh iam sry i clicked on that link in ur post but it directed me to some old ones on amazon. guess its commercial. Can u link the ones u had in mind. Gone take another look.
  4. theyr both crap, dell has pentium chip which is way to old, and the aspire is the same. nothing for gaming at all.
  5. crap again, nothing more to say 1 more thing if they would do a remake of nintendo 64 it woud even sell better then this.
  6. so cool, sadly u cant put living fishes inside. How much do u pay for tank like this without hardware?
  7. havent played the old parts but a lot of other rpgs. its totally worth to buy great story and fighting style.
  8. Had the same problem with the Anthology Version, u think u going to by a pack like this and it will run instantly compatibility mode is one part of the solution the other is an Intel HD graphics Bypass package, which can be found here: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/17209/? have fun
  9. it isnt and it will never be, its just blizzard makeing a big thing about a game which has a big hype but will never find enough ppl to be competitive. Its going to be like diablo III or hearthstone just a world of warcraft filler.
  10. casis86

    Witcher 3

    announced 4 years ago, doesnt look like it will come anyday soon but the teaser looks really cool.
  11. how to look this up? 20, i own a steam account just because of counter strike and all of the half life parts. Most games i play for "free":P
  12. how come, looks like u do something wrong. I owned 2 alienwares m17x 2 and 3 and where never more satisfied. Iam on msi gt70 right now, and my vga card burned just like that, found doesnt of ppl which happend the same there is no solution or even a reason why, windows 10 or msi failure they dont care anymore. Software support endet after 1 year and it looks like theyv never heard of windows 10. with acer, asus and so on it looks even worse. Quality, support and cool look combines alienware´s finest
  13. Seems like great work, will donate some as soon i get promoted Do i need a specific bios version? (mine is E1763IMS.70k) Tryd to look arround on the msi support side but got confused with the wierd listings they do.
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