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  1. So I'm a little late on this... sorry. I haven't, I got kind of busy with life but I still plan to oil cool it up some day.
  2. I love your oil cooled PC. I try to do similar work as your business where I live.

  3. I'm technically still apart of hoc, Heroes of Combat. I believe I've ran into "hitmen" throughout playing the BF series. I stopped gaming; but I've been looking into it more lately. Were hitmen in CAL or TWL?
  4. lol, yeah it get's a little messy but it's worth it. I can't wait to use the oil to cool an overclocked bad mamma jamma gaming system.
  5. lol, yeah; ugly face is my favorite too; I've done that at "get togethers" with people who haven't seen it. Always gets the same response!
  6. I find him pretty funny; apparently many others do as well. I think the stuff he does is pretty hilarious:21_002:.
  7. Dell is amazing though, you have to admit... I know of no other company that will mess up so bad that you get a free laptop or monitor due to their dis-Organization.
  8. Hey Mw86; I first started thinking about making one in distilled water because in physics we were discussing how electricity doesn't arc due to no minerals in the distilled/de-ionized water. Well as I'm sure you have heard: "Nothing is new under the sun" ~ Unkown ANyways, I started looking up stuff on the internet and found out people had used vegetable oil (Oil is non-conductive); then I found out about mineral oil; puget systems, based out of Seattle, WA made the concept pretty famous: Mineral Oil Submerged Computer; Our Most Popular Custom PC I still want to take it a step further, an extreme gaming computer is what I have in mind. What's funny is, it seems to me thus far that it's better for a computer to be encased in a liquid oil shell. Instead of relying on the north/south bridges or other heat sinks; heat is transferred directly from the circuits; it's a way to cool everything as long as you have your oil being cooled.
  9. I want to make an oil cooled PC with awesome hardware along with a SSD. I want to over clock everything in it. If the funds permit eventually I'll build one for display at events. I uploaded to an album btw.
  10. I've included pics of the temperatures, keep in mind I ran this PC all hours because it was hosting a PCI DVR card for my cameras at home + we used it for netflicks and music etc...
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