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  1. Same problem here, i try to Pay via Paypal but there is an error : Currently we could not process your request. Go back to Techinferno and choose a different payment method.
  2. diabola

    M15x with 16GB of RAM

    Great! I'm gonna try this out!
  3. diabola

    M15X possibly dead

    Good Luck!
  4. hi guys, my first post! i am Dom nice to meet you all! I've got an Alienware m15x and I'm trying to unlock it's true potential with your help!
  5. diabola

    Will this ram work in an alienware m15x?

    Good question, did it work for you? I'am also thinking about upgrading the ram.
  6. Great work! Thanks!
  7. diabola

    Adding AMD 6970m to the Alienware M15x

    Thank you! Always nice to see that people are trying to keep the Alienware m15x alive!
  8. hi, happy new year, i'm gonna try this vbios file and my current 3dmark score http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/17354873 is 2141 points. Hopefully with this vbios file i can get it over 3000 points i would like to use the htc vive on my alienware m15x, wish me luck!

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