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  1. Im pretty sure I have three antennas if your talking about the black grey and white wires - - - Updated - - - The Bigfoot Killer one i was looking at only has 2 spots for plugs white and black... so do i just put the grey one to the side if i plan on going the with that card.
  2. Can I get a Bigfoot Killer Wireless-N in my M15x... If anyone knows please let me know what model and a link where i can get it. Thanks very much!
  3. I plan on upgrading my GTX 560M in my M15x but Im not sure which one will be a bigger upgrade. The ATI 6990M or GTX 660M? Help me out people !!
  4. Finally, my laptop is back to normal. I had the RAM overclocked to 1600mhz in the BIOS and it was screwing my games up bad. wow
  5. My clocks keep going from 775mzh(GPU Clock, 12500mhz(Mem) and 1550 shadder and they drop to 202mhz core 324mz mem... i dont know why this keeps going this. I had this problem once before and fixed and but i just rebooted windows and its happening again. Any suggestions? Thanks - - - Updated - - - Wow I totally dont know what I wrote there. Im having problems with my M15x, My clocks will be at 775, 1250, 1550 and they will just all of a sudden drop to 202mhz core and 324mem..
  6. I just thought the M15X can only run 8gb at the max ... cuz I have 8GB of that same Vengance 1600mhz I wish I knew b3fore I bought it that I can use 16gb
  7. I have been seeing people with 16gb of RAM in there M15x. Can somone tell me how they are doing that? Thanks Kenny
  8. Ok Slv7, I have attached a log from throttle stop, this time on a different game (Max Payne 3 Max Settings)... Didnt have that much throttle issues but still had enough to annoy me. - - - Updated - - - I also added a new GPU-Z log since it was a different game.
  9. that was in a game - - - Updated - - - it was just like a 1 min clip of a game should i go longer? - - - Updated - - - I never used throttle stop... do i just check the log file box than hit the turn on button? than go into game
  10. Attached is a log from GPU-Z so you can see what is going on with my gpu clocks on low settings with direct x 11 disabled in game... Specs are Alienware M15x i7-740QM 8GB RAM GTX 560M Upgraded from i5-540M, GTX 260M.. Please take a look at the attached file and let me know what you think plz because this happens 247 and I cant game. 2012-07-14.txt GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt
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