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  1. I believe this is related to the automatic backup setting in Time Machine preferences. If you turn it off, purgeable space should clear up.
  2. I had a similar dilemma recently, prompted by an increase in disconnects on WRT after boosting my ISP speed and cutting my cable cord... Found an AC66U for under $100 and put Merlin on it. It worked well, gave me the boost I was expecting from the ISP change and effectively eliminated drops. I believe Merlin also supports OpenVPN, but ultimately, I added a home brew router, separating routing from my AP and handling my VPN needs. Guess I was missing the familiarity I had with dd-wrt, so I went to another product I knew.
  3. Despite the fact that this has resolved itself in the traditional manner (http://dilbert.com/strip/1997-11-06), here is my 2 cents... Rather than a traditional extender, you could set your wifi device as a bridge. If you still need wifi in the apartment, hang another AP from that. In my experience, this eases some of the issues related to trying to use an extender at extreme range. If you have access to an ethernet port on the source side, you can use a pair of directional devices for the bridge (like the Ubiquiti NanoStation line) to extend range to many times the traditional max. At my last job, I successfully used a pair of nanostations to bridge a gap of nearly a mile (with rough, but not clean line of sight).
  4. Echo, Can you let me know if and how this problem was resolved for you? I plan to complete this Y580 BIOS swap soon after I get access to the files and I'd love an update on you situation. Thanks!
  5. Lets talk old school here... My father bought us a TRS-80 Model I Came with a whopping 4K of RAM and we eventually upgraded that to 16K. Primary storage was cassette tapes, but we eventually got something called a "stringy floppy" which was a tiny cassette with a continuous loop of tape inside. Had a few games for it. One might have been pong and the rest weren't much better. I remember playing scarfman, penetrator, and defense command. Learned to program in BASIC on that beast.
  6. Doctor Strange. I liked it, but it didn't live up to my expectation based on the reviews. May I just like traditional superhero movies better than supernatural?
  7. Thank you khenglish and phila_delphia. The info you posted answered most of my questions. My fear is that my y580 would have a whitelist issue with the mPCI despite the fact that the guy in the first video is using the same model. I will definitely have to give this more thought.
  8. I love the idea, but it's not exactly portable. For me that kind of defeats the purpose. On the other hand, if it really works on anything with a TB3 port, AND the price were cut in half, it would make an amazing docking station. It could be a big hit in the custom desktop/case modding world too. Has anyone here gotten to play with one of these yet?
  9. Hey all... Found my way to the site earlier today while searching for a fix to Lenovo's ridiculous hardware whitelist on my laptop. Looking forward to giving the solution posted by svl7 a try as soon as I can. Since then I've been looking around and checking things out. What I've found so far, from Brian's article (https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/9187-in-the-future-cancer-will-be-treated-by-cutting-it-out-of-your-dna/) to Xonar's opening post in this thread, has intrigued me. I'm looking forward to reading more. Now, about me... Science/tech geek. Always looking to learn more about whatever. TV bing watcher. Got a question? Just ask.
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