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  1. And you want to say us what with that? Also if you have any program or whatever it is you mention to directly flash a bios on a non-bootable pc it would be nice to just tell us so. Also what is an estilio and again what do you mean? That guy has a nonbooting pc and needs something that either starts without working bios or flashes bios externally. So anything helpful would be appreciated if he didnt gave up already. (also even to get 5 posts probably to download something please keep a good posting style and be helpful or add something to topic, this wasnt helpful for the topic starter or thread at all.) Thank you. Also thread starter: do you still follow this? If so give a sign that you live and actively follow, else this thread doesnt really makes any sense since a real bricked y500 will stay so unless support fixes it and we dont have any of the aforementioned tools at hand. (seriously noone knowing a jtag for this?) Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit Tapatalk
  2. We need a bit more information for that, do you have replaced the ssd, what is installed on it (like dualboot or such) what is your boot mode set to (legacy/uefi). If you dualboot linux on it you will notice it wont really work if you keep uefi and have a mbr partition table. In short: we need a bit more information, it could be wrong settings Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit Tapatalk
  3. yep flash the official 2.2, its from Insyde and seemed legit and it updates to official 2.2 no matter what you are on before, then follow the rest of the steps. Also do strictly as the guide tells you, if something goes wrong there is a very high chance of the forementioned letter holder. (i copied the files twice on the dos stick even ^^)
  4. Use page file only if you have applications that use way more than the ram than you have or regularily experience a full ram (blender rendering or so) 8/16 gig of ram today is fully efficient for running without any pagefile at all Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit Tapatalk
  5. Download official drivers and stuff from alienware, look out for the themes on the net if you miss anything after that still write here again and i'll help ya search Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit Tapatalk
  6. Yep and you also could have gotten T|I Elite so it would have been instant downloadable. Also 2.0 < 2.2 and the official tool checks version anyway so run the official bios update as mentioned in the guide, anything else likely will result in a 2,8 kg, overlarge but stylish letter holder. But even despite its stylishness its still too heavy and large so save yourself from that turnout
  7. Good luck with reflashing a bios that doesnt start and by this also doesnt allow you to boot from an usb device. We would need a way to straigtly access the flash, does anyone know of jtag from lenovo or some other hookup method i could use to make a guide like "plug x to y, boot linux there then dd to z"?
  8. svl7 your work is awesome! the official mod sped up my pc by three (maybe better sata handling?) and your mod finally enables my old overview i wanted again^^ now only things i look for is a fix for my bios not booting usb (do you know if this could be bios related? if so i happily give you and dump) and im off to testing graphics for now, lets see if i can carefully overclock those two powerpacks under the hood^^ EDIT: Can anybody tell me why linux allows my graphics card (official nvidia driver) to have a memory clock of 4000 mhz by standard? or is it because linux divides and adds the two graphics cards' ram? (yep its splitted, only blender uses two at the same time, linux keeps both free else) it would be a bit disturbing if linux could overclock my graphics card memory speed by 2
  9. look over at the guys from humblebundle! they dont give access to new games often but for a few bucks you get a ton of games every week and most of them are purely awesome! they also have a nice store and will give most of what you payed to charity! you can even decide how much goes to which organisation if you dont like game X or want to give all to charity. i have 150 games from them by now and it keeps growing, i cant play enough to reduce the steamstaple in a reasonable rate ^^ its really worth a try so go check it out, you get nice games for nearly free and the good feeling to have done something for charity
  10. I am fully satisfied with my Y500 - only one issue nags me (Y500 - 650M SLI/16 gig ram/ssd replaced with bigger capacity/1TB HDD) USB-Boot at the start i could boot from any USB stick or HDD i wanted but then i changed the boot device priority to my currrent USB device at that time to be on top, hoping it would be recognized and booted from whenever inserted at start.. and well it booted and works till today but i NEVER could use any other usb device to boot since then. upon pressing F12 on bootup or recovery key for boot menu i will become stuck if another USB stick is inserted or anything that can hold data in an bootable way. does Anybody knows what could have caused it? and could a bios replacement repair that? i just want to boot normally from all my devices again (usb) EDIT: flashing the bios didnt help but boosted the speed of my system by 3 times NEXT: (i have a linux-windows dualheart thumping under the hood of that beauty so i will describe both) Windows: Winamp, Vlc, Adobe media player - you name it - the video tears BADLY. i can hold my finger on the line a video will show a clear rip on always, on beamer, screen and laptop screen (VGA/HDMI dont matter aswell). It destroys any movie watching into an event of watching that single annyoing line not synced. i only get it to work in K-lite codec pack with Vsync and postrpocessing on max. but yeah you know vlc-the swiss video army knife plays even corrupted files and makes awesome use of strange formats so is there a way to enable something like amd's XINERAMA i loved so much on my old pc? so everything will become ripfree again? System: Windows 7 professional All drivers installed and up-to date, only replacement is 16 gig ssd for an crucial 240 GB but the problems were before aswell Linux: Kinda the same, only Ubuntu 13.10 on free drivers did a better performance than that but on non-free nvidia drivers its just the same. Even worse Ubuntu 14.04 doesnt support the drivers in any way of free kind, only nvidias own driver works - but surprisingly well, the tearing broke down to a minimum (also it supports backlight change now) so.. yeah i know its the driver but is there a windows solution? NEXT: Openbroadcaster + NVENC works very bad despite two Graphics cards bad. justplain bad. the video is nothing more than a pile of artifacts. i would like to use NVENC since it saves some processor runtime and i always appreciate less pocessur usage NEXT: Grub. 2.0 legacy. ANY version wont start from SSD and if started from HDD (after being made bootable by boot-repair) just offers a black screen upon trying to boot windows (and fromm ssd ubuntu aswell). i hear the processor fan heating up and it just seems stuck at booting/loading. strangely the alternative boot loader "LILO - LInux LOader" works without any compliant after some handiwork. Had anyone ever experienced something like this? also is there a way to change this behaviour? i kinda like Grub 2 and the ... a bit newer design and look it offers than lilo which still is counting 15 mb ram as not given on much PCS... also could relate to my usb boot problem? i dunno System config: BIOS: Boot = Legacy, legacy first SSD/HDD Structure: SSD : 100 gig linux, 140 gig windows, 10 gig free space HDD: 200 gig linux - /home | 50 gig linux -/var |750 gig - windows Data/games/downloands n more A many problems, i hope you guys can help in any way, that would be awesome! (lenovo just said in the forums "yeah can happen, fine, not our problem since we have your money")
  11. i likely assume you are german so dual language but english first: Try updating drivers, de- and reinstalling them and on worst case beta drivers but handle the last one with care, it wont work that well in most cases! Also go to your nvidia settings and change under "3D and SLI" SLI to enabled, this is often forgotten! Else a reason could be the games you want to run arent supported by SLI profiles from nvidia, if so its unlikely they will support two graphics cards unless nvidia delivers and proper sli profile (most likely the case for older games, newer ones often work kinda well out of the box. last thing it could be hardware defect, in that case lenovo support is your first help German: Treiber entfernen und neuinstallieren, updaten oder falls das alles nicht geht den betatreiber ausprobieren, aber sei vorsichtig: betatreiber funktionieren nicht immer! Ausserdem probiere in den nvidia Systemeinstellungen (rechtsklick aufs nvidia symbol) unter "3D und SLI" oder einem ähnlich benannten eintrag (SLI) SLI zu de- und zu reaktivieren, manchmal kommt es vor dass vergessen wurde es hier einzuschalten! je nach alter/art des spiels könnte es auch sein dass das spiel kein SLI unterstützt oder nvidia kein sli profil mitliefert (siehe minecraft und ähnliches), aber auch ältere sind davon betroffen (neue gehen meist out of the box) Ansosnten wird die grafikkarte wohl nen defekt haben, in dem fall frag beim Lenovo support
  12. As Always: gone after the way it was described? loaded the right file? didnt disconnected power accidentally or tried something with Slic/other modifications? Else you bricked it because there was an error occuring randomly: it can happen and you were warned, only chance is asking at lenovo support but if they dismiss you your laptop is likely bricked (unlike android firmware mods in most cases) since mister usual wont be able to hook up JTAG or similar things to their pc to access and rewrite the usual bios
  13. The display cable of my old Dell is nearly broken but i still use it as second pc when needed (quick ubuntu server or such) but when i open the monitor too far the backlight goes out and will only be switched on again when i restart. the cable itself is in good condition from the outside, is there a way to replace it or determine where to search for new cables? i would like to keep it functional since it still works perfectly aside some heating problems (in idle 80°C) also is there a way to get an ssd in it? the dell bios v11 doesnt support SSD over wwan dock place itself
  14. i want to upgrade my good but slightly aged WRT54GL (the full-featured version, not the later cutdown one) to an WRT1900AC but this seems a bit tooo heavy for my requirements (managing up to six wlan and 4 cable devices). Does anyone know a better alternative with similar capabilities? thank you very much if so, i wouldnt want to miss the massive usefulness of my openwrt-modded router (especially since it supports Openvpn so i can effectively bypass my networks restrictions in university for all devices wothout using ap-hotspot so if the router would support openvpn/dd-wrt natively that would be a big + thanks for suggestions
  15. Everything is Awesome! - Lego Movie sure did rock and is one of the greatest movies in 2014!
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