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  1. This is what large corps do when they want to boost margins...
  2. there was no way for you to resolder the original mobos power plug back to the board?? The housing around the plug is really solid...wondering how the heck you ripped it out....
  3. seems more like a gimmick than anything... is it really worth all the effort?
  4. I love my MS-16F3 whitebook. So much power in such a small package, and the fan noise that some people complain is expected in my opinion... The only problem Ive had was with the gtx675m that came stock in it, It crapped out on year two, but I just popped an MSI gtx 780m into it and it was kickin butt again. plug and play upgrade with zero problems
  5. I have an MS-16F3 whitebook with an upgraded gfx, the gtx780m... it came with a gtx675m that crapped out on year two. It runs pretty much fine now with the original bios and new gfx card. the bios I am running is: E16F3IMT.30M Can I just update with the unlocked GT60 Bios and its all good? I think I saw someone post on here that it worked for their 16F3 whitebook but not sure where it is now... So what does the new bios do for your 16F3?
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