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  1. Waiting for a 490 or getting a 1070 would be good but I thought they would be way overkill. He has a 1080 60hz monitor and the 1060 will be great for that. Anything higher would only be worthwhile on a 1080p monitor if your trying to push a 144hz panel.
  2. I wonder when these processors might come out. I am looking to upgrade from my old laptop and a new build with these Kaby Lake processors would be great.
  3. A 4k monitor with a high refresh rate would be a great but the cost will be insanely high. While they would last a long time, I think a 1440p IPS 144hz monitor would be a good middle ground especially since the prices are going down.
  4. Just started watching Arrested Development and its great. Other than that I love The Office Malcolm in the Middle Stranger Things Sherlock Family Guy Futurama That's just to name a few.
  5. I just helped a friend of mine build a new PC and initially he bought the RX 480 but after the news about the 1060 I told him to return the 480. I felt that the lower temperatures and better performance were worth the $10 over the blower style 480. Even after all this time there are still no aftermarket 480 cards yet. Whats up with that?
  6. Glad to see people brought this to court and ended up winning. Just because they make great products doesn't mean they can flat out lie to us about specifications. My friend has a GTX 970 and he will probably be glad about this news.
  7. So I assume you got the EXP GDC adapter or something similar and plugged it into the mPCIE slot, inserted a GPU then connected a monitor and it worked? I was concerned that Lenovo set up a white-list to keep unapproved components from working with the laptop. Do you have a Lenovo Y500 because thats what I have. I'm also on 2.04 for the bios.
  8. I am also curious about do this too. Hopefully all I need to do is download the files from this post and unlock my bios and use the EXP GDC adapter. Crossing my fingers.
  9. The video isn't showing the interview for some reason?
  10. Thanks for the guide! BF3 can definitely benefit with more optimization.
  11. I own 480 games on Steam. Humble Bundle is my weakness lol.
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