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  1. I am glad I do not need to use the wifi card as often, because I use my laptop mostly stationary and the ethernet adapter is relative good But I have to say that when I need it, it will not work in 7 out of 10 times -.-
  2. There are some issues with GeForce Experience again, too. And after that is fixed the system control unit is broken two versions later... any solutions?
  3. I have the y500 and it works great for me an the gt750m/ gt755m is way better than the gt650m but you also may take a look at the y50/y70 these are "only" single gpu units, but this could be an advance. For the cooling i am able to say that it did not got too hot since I use it and in this time it got up to 86 dergees fahrenheit (30 degrees celsius) room temperature.
  4. Hi to everyojne, I have one question. Am I able to use a egpu ( EXP GDC V6.0 Beast Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock) with my Lenovo y500 with a flshed bios? I can acess the port of the wifi card or the cache ssd for the mini pcie cable. I have a Nvidia 9800GTX for testing and later I want to run a GTX 970 with it. Greetings, Yohaennes
  5. You could try it with a flashed bios, but it may be that only two graphic cards are supported during power consumption I tried to power up my y500 with both sli cards installed and a third external gpu and it instantly shutdown. The power consumption is about 150 watts for graphic cards and processor together not couting fans, other components and loss energy, so the charger its already very busy with its 170 Watts it is able to generate.
  6. Somtimes the battery life is getting way worse if you have your laptop connected nearly full time to the charger because it decharges just a few percent and these getting charged again. Even if the major brands say that their battery has no memory effect the capacity is getting faster worse if you have it plugged in through the heat differences.
  7. Most of the time I am home to a Hardstyle Music Radio Stream and the time I am not home Hardstyle and Hardcore saved on my phone.
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