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  1. Which Mac Mini model did you end up choosing?
  2. That is what it showed for me, when i had web driver set to OS X Default Graphics Driver. To fix this i simply just set web driver to to use NVidia Web Driver. Do you have PCIE connectors inserted to your eGPU? Your eGPU probably wouldn't even be located in OS X without them in though.
  3. Have you tried entering recovery mode and disabling System Integrity Protection (SIP) via terminal with "csrutil disable" and restarting your Mac?
  4. Hi, Have you tried setting Nvidia Web Driver to use Nvidia Web Driver only instead of OS X Default Graphics Driver in Nvidia Web Driver preferences? Make sure you have the right Web driver installed, Goalque’s script should automatically download, modify and install correct web driver for you. This is what it did for me. Make sure you press "y" on every question the script asks.
  5. You are getting PCIe Gen 2.0 signalling issues. This is because your EXP GDC Beast is not strong enough to run your eGPU at PCIe Gen 2.0. You must have gotten a lucky month like i did with the EXP GDC Beast and no problems. Unless you have very minimal power running through wherever you live, you will get power spikes continuously to the PSU and Beast.. The only way to avoid this is to get a PE4C v3.0 or set your mPCIe port to Gen 1.1 through modded bios or if you sign up for TechInferno membership, you can get DiY eGPU Setup 1.30 to set this. Even then the PE4C v3.0 is bound to give you the same issue, though will greatly reduce the chance of it happening. Your hardware is definitely not failing. I recommend the PE4C v3.0 as setting to PCIe Gen 1.1 does quite drastically reduce frame rates and in games that are bandwidth hungry, your performance is going to seriously suffer.
  6. Yea man, bugger the 5 year old 2012 mac mini, and get going with thunderbolt 2. Definitely get an 8-16gb RAM 2014 Mac Mini instead of base model, for more modern games. And get an SSD with Mac instead of HDD, SO much faster! You will be much more happier knowing you went with a more up to date mac.
  7. Very efficient, i mean both power usage and horsepower. You won't even need an overly powerful PSU to power a eGPU, as you are only powering it and not other desktop components. If this answers your question correcly? A few questions are: are you running your eGPU @ PCIe x1 Gen 1.1? This i found had a huge impact on all of my games running with eGPU on EXP GDC Beast V8. Have you tried running any other games? Maybe those games are broken on AMD Polaris GPU? Or PCIe bandwidth bottlenecking is occuring as those games may be PCIe Bandwidth hungry?
  8. Sorry, I don't understand what you are saying.
  9. Nice, you will be very impressed with performance with the i7 6770HQ CPU, and (if you get) eGPU combo. I will recommend that you team that CPU up with a GTX 1060 or better for such damn good results, in the latest blockbusters. No kidding you will definitely get 1440p performance in games like Battlefield 1. Like i said, definitely get an Akitio Thunder3 as you will harness the powerful bandwidth that thunderbolt 3 has to offer.
  10. Firstly, AMD cards are really messy when it comes to drivers and clocks/power usage. Someone i know who had a R9 380 Gigabyte gaming 4gb, had relentless amount of problems, they tried clockblocker, which didn't even help. It still stuttered and closed in games with visual artifacting, tried changing amd settings, reinserting the gpu into PCIe slot, though none of this worked. The only way to fix was to simply just go NVIDIA GTX. NVIDIA, i well know for their excellent driver support and optimized drivers. Can you tell me your GPU brand, and tell me the steps on how you setup clockblocker.. perhaps you did it wrong? Maybe you should think about swapping for an NVIDIA Card? Cheers!
  11. Try Guru3D Clockblocker. http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/clockblocker-download.html
  12. The GTX 1050 sure will be a big jump from 850m! Though, you are being limited to x1 Gen 2.0 connection, which is quite the bottleneck. IF you go with EXP GDC Beast, be prepared for common signalling issues with PCIe Gen 2.0, unless you are in a house where power isn’t used much with other electronics. If you go with PE4C V3.0, sure you may get less signalling issues, but either way, you are still bound to get the signalling issues. You may even need DIY eGPU Setup 1.30 for problems and workarounds with TOLUD problems and Anti-Whitelisting. I would strongly recommend GTX 1060 or above for getting decent results with todays games. E.g. Gears of War 4.
  13. Hi, which NUC model is yours? Thunderbolt 3 is way more powerful than the previous thunderbolt 2. 20GB/s of bandwidth with thunderbolt 2 vs 40GB/s thunderbolt 3. Thunderbolt 3 performs at PCIe x4 Gen 3.0 beating thunderbolt 2 at PCIe x4 Gen 2.0. This is a really big difference for games. I’d go with the thunder3 (IF your NUC supports it) as it will only be a bit more than the Aktitio Thunder2. It is really worth it. Importing really is fast, i got my Rocketstor delivered from USA in about 4 days. So importing is no issue, unless you are not prepared to spend the extra for shipping. I do recommend the thunder 3. I’d say from what i have read, there is no big difference in major fps gains between PCIe Gen 2 and 3. So its all cool. It mostly comes down to horsepower of GPU. Not the PCIe get 2/3 difference.
  14. I chose to get a RocketStor 6361a as i didn’t want to have to get a molex to barrel adapter that i would have had to use with other thunderbolt 2 chassis. I just use my PSU Molex connectors with the internal molex connections inside the chassis instead, with paperclip trick. on the 20+4 pin connector. I really have loved it so far. Such good results!! Thanks, this led me in the right direction of eGPU build.
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