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  1. Alright so, I've found that EFI shell is not a good work around for enabling hot-plugging because I have an AMI bios and the program I could only find that actually has that command only works for Insyde H2o bios. But, I came across a few great topics on another forum that actually gave me some awesome/interesting results but with major bugs. I downloaded drivers 372.70 & 375.63. This resolved the error 43 after installation but when using GPU-Z it didn't display the correct information for the card. Haven't tested playing a game of some sort but I try, hope me luck. Here are some links to where i found that someone had tried this, so I did the same. The first link states what drivers make this result (372.70 and 375.63) A picture of my results aswell I had taken.
  2. I successfully made a backup of my bios and now I'm going to be able to attempt using the EFI Shell to enable hot plugging! ...Once I assemble my laptop back together that is. Thanks for being so patient, it took me a while to figure out how to use the clip and programmer correctly. (1/5/27) Edit: Update. So I assembled my laptop, ran EFI shell without success, I believe it must be the version I used because after using it I realized it was for a Insyde H2o based bios. I am looking for another EFI shell that might actually work but as of now no working solutions. So I was able to reboot my computer after running the command and open up HWINFO to realize nothing was changed. What I did in turn was do the process of running the EFI Shell again and rebooting to windows to find that it did absolutely nothing. I also would like to inform anyone that wishes to know where the bios chip is on the motherboard (here's an image), turns out it was next to the mPCIE slot, how ironic... Added a picture of the command being run in a version of EFI that was "successful" but not because it didn't hold the value change.
  3. Hello, we have similar setups as I am using a Dell Inspiron 5749 with a EXP GDC Beast v8.0 through mPCIE. I had success with a GT 610 running through the eGPU adapter with it using the laptops internal monitor but seeming your thinking about getting a GTX 960 or 980 you should be fine as long as you don't try using a 10-series card. The reason I say not to use any 10-series cards is because there's a huge driver problem when using these cards, If you wish to know more about this problem look into my topic mPCIE Error 43 with 10-series cards I payed about $30 for the EXP GDC Beast v8.0 and waited about a month for China. I never done this with a dedicated GPU which is your NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M but, ive read that you might need to disable it but i'd suggest looking around the forum a bit. I looked into your computer here's some resources and info about your Laptop you may need to know.
  4. I am going to attempt this but, I'm going to take precautions to be able to unbrick my system encase of such a result. I'm ordering a USB Programmer CH341A Series and a 8 socket chip clip adapter that way I can backup the bios directly from and to the chip. The only problem I'm going to have now is finding where the bios chip is... I should receive the clip Saturday (12/30/2016) EDIT: Received the clip today (Friday), Came early which is nice! The programmer Wednesday. (1/3/2017) EDIT: Going to receive the programmer tomorrow (Wednesday) !! (1/4/2017) EDIT: I Got the Programmer Here's a link to information I found on how to do this. (It's a guide on how to install a modded bios on a bios chip, I'm just going to save the bios currently on my chip instead)
  5. Thanks for the help @egpulover this is some great stuff you got here! Hope you luck on your exam!
  6. That's some great news! I have taken pictures of every BIOS Menu (Main, Advanced, Security, Boot, Exit) in that order. Here's a link to pictures sorry for the quality of the pictures, tried three different phones and this was the best. Thanks!
  7. Thank you so much for everything, I can't thank you enough. Merry Christmas!
  8. I had UFEI enabled so I disabled it, secure boot was disabled and Intel Anti Theft (Computrace) is deactivated. Went through the same procedure and had same results. Here Are some images of what was set:
  9. Hey, did exactly as you suggested and sorry to say but no success. Here's what I got for results using the files you given me and thanks again!
  10. Hello, you are not alone with this problem. I'm guessing you reverted to driver version 372.70 and the reason this is the only latest version to work is nvidia changed something causing users of mPCIE egpu's to must have Hot Plugging enabled on their mPCIE port in their bios. Your computer must have Hot Plugging disabled as well and if your bios is locked up your not able to change these settings to make your graphics card function correctly. EDIT: I'd suggest using the program hwinfo to check if Hot Plugging is disabled on your mPCIE port. I started a topic talking about this not too long ago, I'd suggest you take a look. Good Luck! mPCIE Error 43 with 10-series cards
  11. Sorry for replying so late and thanks for your reply @bloodhawk, I attempted booting a FreeDos USB with FPT without success for most of the week. I got it to work tonight but with failure, I swear dell hates me... It booted after having me take out my hard drive and turning OFF Secure Boot. I had to do this because my boot options I discovered were locked up as well and this had taken up most of my time this week with me tinkering to bypass this. When I found a work around I ran into an error 201 with the FPT as seen in the image below, so I wasn't able to make a dump. Is there another version of FPT that might work or something? Thank you again! I appreciate all the help I get
  12. @Bertie Yes, this does work for some with mpcie to revert to version 372.70 but, If you own a card that isn't supported in that version such as the GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 ti (One of which I own) It will give error 43. So for instance I have to use a newer version and in the newer versions of the driver you must have Hot Plugging Enabled. So the only solution for someone with this problem Is to enable Hot Plugging and for some this isn't as easy as one would think. Some have Hot Plugging already enabled but others that don't have that ability must mod their bios to enable it due to their bios having this setting locked. Thanks for making adding more relevant information to the thread. I've run into a new problem while trying to save the modified rom file with AMIBCP aptio 5. The error I get is "Error occurred in BIOS rebuild (#0000C00E)". I attempted this using AMIBCP version 5.01.0014 and version 5.02.0023 ending up with the same problem. I did this on a virtual machine thinking it was my antivirus or something like that and realized it wasn't. Does anyone have an Idea what my problem is? Again I looked this up with no solution Picture Below showing the Error:
  13. Thanks for the awesome reply! I tried extracting the .rom file from the 3443A08.EXE bios file with no avail. I tried using the cmd method (3443A08.EXE /writeromfile) but the .rom file doesn't open with AMIBCP giving me the error message "Couldn't open the file!". I've searched all over for another solution but now I'm stuck. Do you know how I could obtain it? EDIT: I see in the image you provided the title of the file is 3443A00.rom, How did you get this file? (Didn't realize the file name you were opening in AMIBCP until 5 minutes after post) EDIT: Solved the problem Doink messaged me that I must use AMIBCP aptio 5 version and now I'm able to open the .rom file!
  14. Yes I'm still struggling to have my GTX 1050 in working order still lol. I have discovered that I cannot enable Hot-plugging on my mpcie due to my bios being locked up. I have searched up for a modded version of my bios over and over again. Thanks for doing this My System: EXP GDC V.8 EVGA GTX 1050 SC 2GB Non-ti Dell Inspiron 5749 Link to Bios Currently flashed (The manufacturer is AMI - Version A08 ) Picture is of HWiNFO64 of my mpci information (Says hot plugging not capable )
  15. Hello, we've all have been experiencing problems with Error 43 showing up on our 10-series cards and us smashing are heads on the keyboard screaming to the top of are lungs "WHY WON'T IT WORK!". I own a GTX 1050 Non-ti and I've been struggling to find a solution as well. The reason I'm making this topic is to pull away from another topic that was started by @Lucas114846 requesting help for his/her GTX 1060 having Error 43 running through thunderbolt. I simply want to respect the users that are frustrated by mPCIE users posting all over This Thread about modding inf files and want to provide a topic more focused on just mPCIE with 10-series. @Darkthor helped clarify about Modding INF files and some other confusion of someone saying his friend found a "fix" and I would like to Thank him for this. here is his post below. Darkthor Settling In Registered User (Promoted) 4 23 posts Location: Bucharest Posted 3 hours ago (edited) · Report post NV_DISPI talk time Let's clear something out about this NV_DISPI.inf everyone is crazy about. It's not the holy grail and THE file that you need to worry about ! NV_dispi can be FINE and you're still screwed. Why? READ ON FOR ONCE: NV_DISPI.iNF is a instruction/ descriptor file that is used during install AND adds in your registry certain informations {HKLM } regarding copied files and their USE by Windows AND copy specific files from the display driver folder to the system folders (like system32 / syswow64 ) and activate specific services required by your GPU. Even if it's perfect , if a DLL is screwed or from another driver, you're screwed. And good luck finding out which of the TONS of dll's and registry keys is screwed. Thinking that just having the correct nv_dispi file will fix stuff, is ludicrous. It's like saying if you have instructions on how to build a rocket, you don't need the correct materials (dll's) Once again: nvdispi is a set of instructions to your pc as to -what deviceID that specific driver supports (THIS is what you can mod- desktop to mobile , otherwise 99% it wont work) -what files to copy for a specific deviceID from the mountain of dll's inside the driver folder -what registry keys system needs to ADDRESS the dll's and USE them for the display drivers -what services it will have/install/use for your display driver. -what other instructions it must follow if a specific dll / instruction table is copied (in my case, nvami- i have an ASUS) Why does modding nv_disp work from desktop to laptop? -if all these sound like mumbo-jumbo or you dont understand what they do/are , please stop right here. it's definitely out of your league. ( Acer & Gateway = nvaci.infAsus = nvami.infApple = nvaoi.infCompal = nvcti.infClevo (Sager & other re-brands) = nvcvi.infDell & Alienware = nvdmi.infFujitsu = nvfmi.infHP = nvbli.infHP = nvhmi.infLG = nvloi.infLenovo = nvlti.infMSI = nvmii.infNEC = nvqni.inf Siemens = nvfui.infSony = nvszci.infToshiba Qosmio = nvtdi.infToshiba = nvtsi.inf ....etc ) Why it works to mod the nv_dispi and nvami/etc to install desktop drivers on laptop edition gpu? -Because the gpu inside your laptop it's the same architecture as the desktop one, with (usually) same parameters , same processor, just "dumbed down" and underclocked like crazy so it can work with the power requirements your laptop has. -If the architecture is different, there is 99% chance it will never ever work, or just error out. Even if it's modded, if the dll you need (..GOD knows which ! ) , has a bad syntax somewhere....you're screwed. It's like forcing a square peg in a round hole and hoping the paint won't chip on either. Doesn't work like that. PS: An ENTIRE forum says it's not working ....and your "friend" says it is. I smell something fishy....as in i call bullsh*t. I think it's one of those troll posts like "i got it running! woot!...." and the guy disapears off the face of the planet after 2 posts. If it's NOT and it's legit, I want to see GPU-Z screenshot and dxdiag screenshot, display adapters screenshot of the integrated GPU, laptop model, setup , and windows version. And a benchmark, any benchmark, off the iGPU and Egpu.If not, it's bullcrap.. Why? It may look like it's working, but gpu-z wont give any readings off the Mhz of the gpu. 100%. It's an intermitent error I had sometimes when I installed 1050ti over the base drivers, and they somehow got mixed. The gpu doesnt work at all, and after you uninstall everything and DDU, you will get error 43, like normally. Even if it says it's working normally, gpu-z WILL NOT, i repeat...WILL NOT give correct Clock readings....aka: bogus installation. And I'm coming back to what the last 6 pages wrote,and NO ONE NEW TO THE FORUMS cares to READ: 1050 Ti DOES....NOT.... WORK ...OVER...mPCIE YET !!!! Stop littering the thread ! Edited 17 minutes ago by Darkthor I'm not sure if it doesn't work (I can't say it doesn't), I believe that there is a solution either Nvidia fixes this or we pull are findings together here and fix it ourselves. Another possible solution I've read is Enabling Hot-plugging in Bios as said by @GTANAdam and @Abdul-Jakul Their Posts Below. Abdul-Jakul Had replied to Darkthor's comment as I was making this, his reply below. GTANAdam Settling In Registered User (Promoted) 8 19 posts Adam Offline Posted Tuesday at 07:23 AM (edited) · Report post People be smarter.. you can't just copy over files from a driver to another without changing things and whatever.. that's not even half of what porting means... Adding Hardware IDs to the driver files so Windows Driver installer recognises it actually does the trick but you cannot expect the driver to work with the hardware correctly. Some laptops come with the mPCIe hotplug capability already enabled so the drivers earlier than 375.86 will actually work without the need to mod the BIOS to enable hotplugging capability, I've noticed this while experimenting on my netbook as it accepted the the 375.76 without any BIOS modding so it must have the hotplugging capability turned on by default. Please stop repeating the same thing over and over littering the thread further and further making the older posts unreadable for the others.. I'm not even talking about how some folks are not reading them and asking already asked questions. and I don't want to repeat this.. YOU CANNOT RUN THE 1050 (Ti) PROPERLY WITHOUT mPCIe HOTPLUG CAPABILITY ENABLED IN BIOS AND READ THE OLDER POSTS! Edited Tuesday at 07:37 AM by GTANAdam Abdul-Jakul Settling In Registered User (Promoted) Abdul-Jakul Posted 1 minute ago · if you can enable hot plugging on your mpcie thru your MB then you dont need to do any modding. im currently using gtx 1050 ti oc on my acer aspire v3-471g windows 10 laptop with exp gdc beast v8.0 setup with no mod . just mod my bios to enable all option and VIOLA!!! Great discussion on Geforce Forum about This Issue link here!
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