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  1. Great find! Are you anticipating purchasing one for personal use? If so please let us all know how you like it if even in a mini-review of sorts.
  2. It is not easy to find this out but I believe it is Intel based upon product descriptions and it having an Intel QM77-J8A.
  3. Could use the wireless router as an access point too disabling routes.
  4. Lots of stock and variety currently on Newegg for this card. Zotac has a 9-inch variation for $279 on Newegg.
  5. I figure any sales would be closer to March next year or maybe as early as October this year all depending on when they announce a Ti or Titan variation.
  6. Hey man great effort! These kinds of tricks really test the ingenuity of a technophile! Congratulations on creating a custom battery map. Let us all know how it turns out in a week to a month and beyond.
  7. My immediate family's first PC was one my mother purchased, the Pentium 75. It was cool because for my friends that were gamers, ours was the fastest until we chased each other with upgrades for several years. My extended family's pride and joy was a new 486 my mother's father purchased. He may still have it to this day since the last I recall was that he told my grandmother he still uses it and wants to get every bit out of his $7000 purchase.
  8. Rommsey

    CS vs CS GO?

    My familiarity goes back to CS Beta 6.5ish or thereabouts. My friend was an avid Beta Tester and so we would chat about this in school. My friends play it semi-competitively however I've not played it in years really. CS:GO now for me
  9. Hello all, I came across this site a few years ago not too long after purchasing my Mythlogic P150EM. I quite enjoy the dedication here so I guess I'm a long-time lurker first-time poster. How I came about this place was looking for BIOS information/instruction for my Clevo The community here looks fairly stable and definitely mature compared to many other places I have frequented and/or lurked. Anyways a bit about me. I currently work in Storage Support for NetApp. I have a BSc in Computer Engineering Technology and I love to game. One day I hope to design games myself. I enjoy technology in many areas and enjoy tinkering around with anything from building systems to overclocking them, to supporting them to modding them and beyond.
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