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    GPU usage lag

    Wengmugmug, I too have an issue with a lag spike in BF4.. I've been messing around with Nvidia Inspector and kombuster (from MSI) and notice on the side of the gpu burn in mode that the card throttles... I've got the GT70-0NE with a 680m 4GB.. from what I have been reading over the past few months is Nvidia wrote code in the drivers to cause the throttle if the gpu got to high in load/temps... check aroun the MSI HQ forums too, if you have a true MSI GT70 (not a barebones) Svet over there could help you i believe.. hope this helps, David
  2. Just wanted to know, If you happen to have a bad flash, can you reboot and reflash the origanl vbios? (provided you backed it up).. Im just trying to make sure i got all my ducks in line for when I flash my card...
  3. Hey, I've got a Linksys (Cisco) E2500 router in my living room connected to the cable modem.. Wifi really doesn't reach to the other end of the house so I was thinking of adding in another router (my old netgear WNR2000) and putting it in my office (so myself, kids and wife ) could hard wire while we sit in the office... so my question is, what would be the best way to do this? should I keep the stock firmware on both routers or do DDWRT (im not looking to link the two routers though wifi, was going to run a 200-300ft Ethernet cable along the floor to our office room..) I know i need to set on router to xxx.xxx.xxx.001 and the other to xxx.xxx.xxx.002, anything else i should look into? what about boosting the wifi? both routers support BGN (or at least GN which most my device use..) Thanks for the help David
  4. watched the hobbit the day before it released to the theaters and then the day the Hobbit 2 came out I saw it.. Also watched Good Burger on netflix... brought back old times for me... lol
  5. Hi guys (and gals if any), Just signed up here, I was lookin into modding my vbios for my gtx 680M and came acrross this site. Its really nice to find alot of good information on modding bios's.... Thank you all... Names David, BTW, and currently have a MSI GT70-0NE laptop.. I play BF3/4 and MineCraft.
  6. @douma01 Thank you, You helped me fix my issue... I too had a black screen, unplugged main bat, took the little bat out and then reinstalled everything and held the power button.. rebooted and it worked...
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