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  1. You trying to edit an already modded vBIOS. If you alter those type of Mods further it'll brick your GPU. You can only use a stock vBIOS with those editors. As of today the card won't work in HM, sorry. Use the Prema Mod Toolkit instead of GPU-Z to make backups (If that doesn't work then the vBIOS is hosted inside the system BIOS): Check in NVIDIA Inpsecor OC tab if the core OC slider is still limited to only 135hz. If it is boot into Windows safe and flash it from there... Load BIOS defaults, save and exit, disconnect power for 30s. Then make your usual manual changes. Tip: This board only supports GPU ASPM set to L0s and NOT down to L1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have tried the above step and it doesn't seem to work. Right now my laptop just freezes up on the windows 10 logo spinning circle things, until I remove the gpu in bios and boot it up then it shows code 43 in device manager
  2. Thanks very much!
  3. Hello @Prema the laptop I am using is a Clevo P750ZM GTX970m, I seem to be having an issue after enabling dGPU ASPM in the bios. The laptop now shows code 43 on the device manager, I have used Device driver uninstaller through safemode and reformat the laptop. On some occasions the laptop will suddenly read the Graphics card with no errors and other times code 43. I have tried reflashing the bios and disabling dGPU aspm in the bios but to no avail and I seem to be stuck with this issue.
  4. I just bought a 128GB Plextor and tested the boot time for me with all my startup applications is about 12sec.
  5. I've seen it. They basically added the start button and some few other features.
  6. I used some mods like SMIM and gameplay balances. In addition, I did some texture work for the terrain and places like solitude.[texture sizes was 16k and they take a long time to load] and making some Companions using creation kit.
  7. Stick with the windows 8 and wait for windows 8.1 free update(They are bringing back the start menu from what I've read{correct me if I am wrong}). [not sure if it applies to Windows 8 starter]
  8. Just got the Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 GT750m. I also noticed there was 2 models for the y500 one with gt650m and the other one with gt750m (there are currently no drivers)
  9. By any chance what thermal paste is the laptop using? Silicon or Diamond?
  10. Got the laptop with windows 8. I reinstalled with my Windows 8 Pro and removed all the bloat-ware. I find bloat-wares very annoying, after removing them the laptop start-up time is better.
  11. I have been messing with skyrim creation kit and using alot of mods from NEXUS to improve the gameplay, textures, sounds, houses,etc. What I mostly do in creation kit are simple scripting and adding in new textures that I made in photoshop (Have to convert the image format first thou)
  12. Probably they are doing this for the money.
  13. I have a problem with my alienware m14x r1, the problem is the cooling. The problem is when I'm playing a game, from 60 fps drops to 15 fps (Fraps) and stays there. The laptop doesn't shutdown give errors and bsod, I have tried this few methods cleaning fan,replacing thermal paste, playing in a air conditioned room, Laptop Cooler and adjusting the fan speed. Is there something wrong with the hardware itself?
  14. How much space does your TES V:Skyrim (with mods) take up in your HDD? Just asking because mine is usually 112gb.
  15. I've bought this game on my Xbox 360 recently and played it, from my own opinion it was kinda blemish. The game was basically a fast-paced TPS and there are alot of quick time events, but what I enjoyed the most was the CO-OP Mode, Merceneries and the Agent Hunt Mode. I'll most likely get this game on the pc just for the multiplayer.
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