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  1. I did it and everything works fine. I set up a heat sink. Now the processor in idle is max 45 degrees. In general processor and disk are 10 degrees less now.
  2. Nobody wants to recommend something good ?
  3. No one really knows the problem ?
  4. So I have bought: 1. Arctic MX-2 - 4g 2. AAB Cooling Thermopad KLEJ 3M 20x130x1 6 W/mK X2 3. AAB Cooling Ram Heatsink 2 - the radiators We see what it can do :).
  5. I did test with the old racing game, grid 2. In my Y580 cpu reaches 85 st. c, and gpu 75 st. c. Is it time for repasting ?
  6. I wanted to replace my old netgear something new. I have now wnr3500, first version. I'm not happy with it because of the unstable work. I thought about netgear R7000 but I'm afraid unstable like mine wnr3500. Is Asus rt-ac68u a good choice?
  7. Killer 1202 2x2 is wifi N but 7260 has wifi ac.
  8. FastR6

    Y580 fan control

    It is better to buy a cooling pad with big fan.
  9. Hi all, Some time ago I bought a laptop lenovo, ThinkPad E540 . Laptop has on the left side of the dual usb port.Lenovo ThinkPad E540 - broken USB problem After 6 months, I noticed that one usb port is broken, it is lacking the plastic part at the center of the port. Incorrect insertion of usb plugs can damage the motherboard. I have only two efficient usb ports. I reported the problem to the Lenovo service. They said that mechanical damage is not covered under warranty. After the next 6 months, while I was removing the pendrive from the USB port fell plastic part on my desk. This was the second USB port on the left side. I have only one efficient usb right now. The laptop was not hit, did not fall, I did not use force with usb port. Laptop is on the desk constantly connected to an external monitor. Once I carried him out of the house to drive to the lenovo service. I've used dozens of USB devices over the years and I never broke usb port. I have a lenovo y580 from 3 years old and is in good condition. I think this is defect in material of the dual port USB in ThinkPad E540 . Lenovo does not want to admit it. They claim that it is a mechanical failure, no matter what reason was formed, not covered under warranty. Is it normal that the USB ports in the Lenovo ThinkPad not withstand normal use ?
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