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  1. Hey man, I was trying to download the 1.212v bios for the y580 with 660m and all the links have died. Hoping to go for a record clock and 3dmark score. Any help would be appreciated!

    1. spx75


      halllo ... i  also  need that file .  my gpu with stock bios is only capable of 1200 -2840

      i need he extra voltage i suppose ... im on 2.07  bios....   if you can upload  it would be wonderful ..

    2. bartek


      hi.i need that bios too. ty

  2. http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/3926-gtx-660m-y580-overvoltage-increase-clocks-you-can-request-any-vbios-am-up-%3D.html
  3. http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/3919-kepler-bios-modding-guide-using-650m-example.html
  4. Hey , Sorry i had exams i have done what you ask for :- Here is Voltmod Based on svl7 "2.07" Unlocked Bios Voltage 1.135 "https://mega.co.nz/#!d44CnRwD!yOFpcX8eZDBoN4xWiGwhFotmerClahYmWg6gc-PiBug" Here is Voltmod Based on svl7 "2.07" Unlocked Bios Voltage 1.140 "https://mega.co.nz/#!NpRmzAST!cGEVLkyJNh8nJTpGzmbpm-rCkSXoJuO52YPI-T9ZkyU" P.s :- I Dont have Donation Link , Am Just Helping People - - - Updated - - - Increasing voltage helps you achieve higher clocks for your gpu = more fps in games = more temperature sadly , Its Pushing your gpu beyond its limits for extra 10~15% Performance . - - - Updated - - - 1) Just download this platform file https://mega.co.nz/#!phAAhQKK!pYk5AM8JF_1tVZ9HxlUBojnialTVkCH8UUdqcZRP37M . 2) Download svl7 "2.07" Unlocked Bios . 3) Copy the platform file that you downloaded earlier and paste it in svl7 bios folder and overwrite the file and it should allow you to install or downgrade whatever version you want. - - - Updated - - - hey , i cant help you with that because i dont know how beside if i removed throttling your gpu will die , it only throttle when it reaches 90+C if it didnt throttle your gpu will get damaged .
  5. Hi @DougQuaid You Were Right Sorry , No Bios Modification Needed , I Tried Y580, Y470p "Bios Modification Needed" , Y410p And Y510p "No Bios Modification Needed"
  6. No, You Cant Without Unlocked Bios To Edit Some Settings To Enable The Tweaks of intel extreme tuning utility, Without it all the settings in intel extreme tuning utility will be greyed out and cant be edit :/
  7. I Can Do It For You , If You Want Just Give Me Your Bios I Will Do It For You (GPU) , For The CPU You Will Need Unlocked Bios Then You Can Edit It Manually Through Power Configuration In The Bios , Cheerio
  8. Yeah , Though There Is a way to increase dynamic voltage up to 1.125V without forcing it as constant voltage , am not that expert thought i cant do it , i can only force any voltage you want
  9. No , It Wont Change Even If U Changed It Using Kepler It Wont Be Applied Dont Worry , As @schranzmaster Said You Must Mod It Using Old School .
  10. Hey, Am trying to do this for over 2 weeks none has worked tell now my y580 bricked more than 4 times :/ and i recover it still there maybe a way am taking the vbios of gtx 660 desktop version and see the voltage part how it was written and try to do the same with gtx 660m with old school editing well wish me luck and no more bricks i hope
  11. Are you using v2.07 or v.8.0 ? if v2.07 make sure your temp dont go over 89C if so it downclock it self to 405 am currently using v.207 @1.1675V currently @1300 core 3100 mem , and it doesnt clock down , when i boot its @1000 core @3000mem , i overclock +300 for gpu using nvdia inspector , i modified the bios so what it does is doesnt go below 1000 @ core and can go up to 1300 depending on usage no matter what temps are! if your interested here its Nitrobits.com - Download Y580_v2.07_660mGHz_OV-1,67V.rar it Will Never Go at lower Clock Than 1000 @ core , but remember , Lenovo dynamic graphics profile must be using ohh btw overclock it using Nvdia inspector DONT change the profile or froce new one using nvdia inspector! , and its dynamic clocks just remember it wont jump to 1300 unless it needs to , the default is 1000 @ core 3000@ mem , this bios for v207 only , Peace out.
  12. Please, tell me name of bios file for recovery bios on Lenovo y580.

  13. Yes , if You wanted to flash back to the default 1.1V just flash slv7's original bios
  14. Download Link :- "http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1372379820" <----------- This Is '1.125V' For svl7's Unlocked 2.07 Bios
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