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  1. I dont do fast startup but it stays when i wake the laptop up from sleep/hibernation. I use it all the time for connecting to the internet via my phone.
  2. my 2230 would drop con often, mainly when switching networks,work to home to droid hotspot. I cannot attest for the higher end intel stuff.
  3. Some people use Passmark, but it seems that it isnt much different than netstress. I have been thinking on doing some other test from different locations in my home that have more/less interference to see which cards handle different situations better. I am going on vacation next week but I should have a better router when I get back. I will post results when I get back in town at the end of July.
  4. August Burns Red - Count it all as lost August Burns Red - The first Step
  5. 50+ views and no one has any other tests they want me to run? It makes me a saaad panda
  6. I own both the black and white colossus cases and can attest to the super high build quality of bitfenix cases
  7. Lian Li makes some STELLAR mATX cases, the PCV351 is outstanding I use that one as a media center case in my living room. Bitfenix makes some very nice mATX cases as well.
  8. R1GG5


    If only off topic posts counted towards your total post count
  9. R1GG5

    Gaming Mouse

    I have a friend who has the Razer Orochi 2013 and it is quite nice.
  10. I received my Killer1202 today, so far I am quite impressed. I started a thread in the network hardware section, feel free to check it out. I also did not see the button you had asked me to press. We may want to work that out so we can start a data pool.
  11. I figured I would start a thread where we could post benchmarks for our wireless cards, and maybe even start a data pool here. I recently received a KillerN 1202 card. I decided to run a benchmark vs the stock Intel Centrino 2230. To run this benchmark I used a program called NetStress which can be obtained here. I also ran tests on Speedtest.net , I know the speedtest.net tests are suspect, but I wanted to run them anyway. I ran each test three times and will take the average of the three. Each of the netstress tests were ran for around 5 minutes. Some of these tests may not turn out how I expected. I would guess my weak point would be my router, a Netgear N300. The test was run using the wireless cards in my G46vw and the hardwired Gigabit Adapter in my Asus Q400a. I do not have 5Ghz capability so these tests will be run @ 2.4Ghz. Picture of the wireless cards side by side and then my test bench. Please excuse the mess, it is in my man cave Below is 3 stresstests on the Centrino 2230 Taking the average of the 3 you get a mean speed of 37.13 Mbits/sec Next the three speedtest.net tests on the Centrino 2230 Throwing out upload speeds. Mean ping 22.3ms Mean DL 16.27 Mbits/sec Now for the KillerN1202 NetStress tests on the KillerN1202 Mean Speed 59.93 Mbits/sec I felt the results were strange here, the last test lost a good bit of speed. I think it was just real world results, one of my kids or my wife got on the wifi I am sure. Speedtest.net on KillerN1202 Mean Ping 20.3ms Mean DL 31.29 Mbits/sec The Killer card was noticeably better. All around it is a improvement that is quite impressive. For $50 USD I think its well worth the money. I will more than likely be snagging up some other wireless cards and testing them to start a data pool. Please feel free to ask me to run other benches and please feel free to post your own. Cheers! R1GG5
  12. For anyone who may run into this on ANY ASUS laptop. Remove main battery, remove cmos battery, hold power button for 2 minutes, replace batteries, boot while tapping f2 and in you go... enjoy..
  13. Ok, so pulling the cmos battery and main battery does not cause a checksum. It is safe to say I HATE this bios.
  14. I have upgraded bios to 210. Has anyone else had problems just getting into bios with the new versions? I have been trying for the last hour and it just wont get into bios. Ive gotten into it once since i flashed and now it wont re enter. Is my only option to pull this thing apart and remove the battery to force a cheksum error?
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