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  1. hi many thanks for your anticipated reply, i have the settings already as you said and still it is crashing, i only unlocked to see if i can overclock the cpu but now im running it on stock its just literally that directx thing now that im getting, either directx11::trymap or rendermap errors, my device hardware id are below: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1198&SUBSYS_048F1028&REV_A1 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1198&SUBSYS_048F1028 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1198&CC_030000 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1198&CC_0300 many thanks for your help
  2. Hi everyone, I am having issues with my gtx 880m. I currently have a m18x r1 unlocked a05 bios and modded drivers (368.69 also tired 372.90) basically when im playing battlefront the game plays for about 1 min, and then crashes and I got this direct x error message on screen (shown in pic below) I managed to fix this error by turning on vertical sync in settings in the game and also in the nvidia control panel (it was set to auto, or adaptive and I changed this to on), and this fixed this create texture error. Now I am getting a completely new error and I was able to play the game for now more than 1 min, usually around 10-12 mins before crashing, i am now seeing a new error, directx function "DX11 Renderer::tryMap" failed with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED ("The video card has been physically reomved from the system, or a driver upgrade for the video card has occurred. "). I have tried to change drivers, change clock speeds, turn off overclocking and running everything on low, I have also tried to delete the ndvi64.api file from system32 as suggested in an ea forum, and still no luck. Anyone else had this error? took me 3 days to finally get the gtx 880m to work in the mx18 r1 and now the only game that plays is battlefield, which works floorlessly on ultra for 4+ hours game play constantly with no issues. but its just when I play battlefront it crashes ive tried to even do the directx web installer to install latest files and still didnt work.. any help would be appreciated and im sure would help out alot of mx18r1 users or gtx 880m users out there. thanks then I managed to fix this error
  3. still crashing about few mins into the game battlefront is however working fine even on ultra settings.. not sure what to do now as the reason i got the gtx880m was to play battlefront and my old amd 6900m crossfire setup did the same error and message for battlefront
  4. yes i rebooted after install, everything is stock at the moment, reinstalled 372.90 and then rebooted, and ran everything even on low settings in the game, but it crashes and comes up with that error again. I did google the error and some people are saying its down to ram and virtual ram, so i changed my virtual ram settings on system advanced settings and turned it off, then rebooted and game still crashed, now im trying the auto paging file to see if that works.. been at this 3 days now still havent managed to play more than 1 min of battlefront
  5. okay giving it a go now, will update you in a few mins, as battlefront is crashing same point everytime, so far tried 372.90.. ill try 368.69 now, also is there any specific changes i can make in bios to help the card, i followed the overclock video on yt from mr.fox and currently using his settings for the a05 unlocked bios.
  6. i just installed the 372.90, the game loaded and then the card crashed, directx error about the card being physically removed.. im just going through the other drivers in the list you mentioned, and im going in that order above.. 372.90 then 368.69 etc with the modded inf in each.. hopefully when im run the game with 368.25 it wont crash again..
  7. is it just the 372.90 i need to install from the link or do i need to install each of them, in that order?
  8. ive installed the gtx 880m modded drivers and now the card is working fine!! only thing is that for newer games nvidia message comes up and says i need a newer driver.. how can this be turned off or is there an updated modified driver available prefebly newer than 358 for the gtx 880m and m18x r1
  9. just an update to this, I ended up buying a subscription on here to download the unlocked a05 bios for alienware m18x, and I looked at the video on youtube by mr.fox to get the right overclock settings. so now my bios is unlocked and settings are correct, I am now trying to install the drivers for the gtx 880m and nvidia still cant find the drivers and is telling me that there is no compatible hardware.. I thought the unlocked bios would fix this, can anyone help...
  10. Thanks for responding mate, I haven't given up yet I've spent too much on this card unfortunatly and need to get it working I have widows 8 professional, I just can't seem to install drivers for the card, everytime I do it I get that message from nvidia.. Can you inbox me your Skype I can't seem to pm anyone on here.. laptop specs: current bios a05, gtx 880m alienware m18x r1 i7-2790xm (I think) 16gb ram, 1tb hdd Thanks for saving my insanity
  11. Hi I need urgent help to setup my alienware m18x corrently. Firstly apologies for any typos as I haven't slept in 2 days due to trying to sort this graphics card out. I have an alienware m18x r1. I recently upgraded to an gtx 880m.. and this is where my life became living hell. I cant seem to install any drivers for it, as Nvidia keeps showing me the 'graphics card cant find compatible hardware'. I then did a lot of research and have found I have to flash the bios. I have been searching for hours on end trying to find tutorials on how to flash the bios, also an unlocked bios for the m18x r1, currently im on the A05 bios. I do not know why I cant seem to install any driver, even when I try to mod the ini files it doesn't install the driver. I am at the point now that I will donate whatever you need in terms of money I have paypal, just to get this all working, can anyone help me.
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