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  1. Guys, could you, please, check the links, looks like they are no longer valid. The content of this thread is quite interesting, but not available, I am afraid...
  2. My account is more than 2 months old, but there was no activity at first week. I thought maybe I have to request it again. Well, thanks for the reply!
  3. In this case, kindly advise the way or the thread I can request to review my profile in order to consider my account promotion, please.
  4. Want to send a PM to admin, but I get: In fact, I have not sent any PM. Is it because my account is still not promoted? Thanks.
  5. wondering what were your CPU overclock settings for benchmark No.3 - 3dm11 780m sli 4930mx?)
  6. Gyus, kindly advise what version of nvflash is better (reliable) to use for flashing two 780m cards in AW18 under Win10 home x64, please.
  7. Guys, need your help. I made a clean win10 install from UEFI USB stick previously updated from win8.1 home edition. I successfully installed Mr.Fox's 345.20 desktop mod driver for my A18 780m sli. As soon as I get first internet connection on clean OS it installes newer graphics driver which I don't want to be installed on my machine. The question is how to stop win10 Home drivers automatic updates. I already tryied few options found in internet, including work with registry, microsoft oficial updates hide/unhide utility, checked "postpone updates", "No" in "System and security"->Drivers and applications auto updates - I tried all, but I can only stop auto updates for windows and other microsoft products, but not for drivers(( Tips from intenet did help me to stop drivers auto updates on my Asus laptop also under win10 home, but I can't stop it on my Alienware 18...
  8. Beside liquid metal I would consider Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and Gelid Extreme the best thermal pastes.
  9. J95, Is there any sense of trying this latest 361.91 driver with Throttlefree PEG Mod for my AW18 with 780m sli? Or anly Maxvell GPUs can benefit from latest drivers? I doubt nvidia can improve something for 780m and other kepler cards((
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