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  1. Hi All, Ive been given an Alienware 17R2 from a relative which has a few issues. There was a known Power Limit Throttle issue on the CPU I believe but I'm yet to see this for myself and provide any reports from throttle stop to state specifically what's triggering. I also have a 330w PSU which was purchased separately to when the power limit issue was previously being diagnosed. Anyway, the temperatures are horrendous so I need to deal with this first, the I7-4980HQ was 2 degrees away from TJMax (98 degrees Celsius) and I believe the 980m was high 80's/90's on a short run of Battlefield. What's the best thermal paste to use? I would have used Thermal Grizzleys Kyronaut but from research it seems it dries out very quick, Arctic MX5 seems to be good?
  2. Ahh fair enough so you have done a realtively good amount of testing beforehand. I just didn't want you to bypass something that's trying to save you Anyhow, your issue is very odd indeed, I'm not sure if you have tried but what happens if you leave your laptop on the BIOS screen? The idea being to eliminate any OS/Software problems? If however it still shuts off I'd say re-flash the BIOS? As I wrote the above, I had sort of a light bulb moment, are you sure it's not a power issue? You'd have the same issues as you have stating and that would also explain why your readings are all normal, maybe they are? Then again when you went outside, ironically it seemed to stay on for longer.. but yes, at the moment if that was my laptop that's the thought process I'd be going through
  3. I really would advise against going down that route for now, ideally I think you should look into why it's not being calibrated correctly. Is the heatsink making proper contact with the GPU/CPU die? Did you knock one of the thermal pads when removing the GPU? if the thermal pad is hitting off something it may be raising one side which again will give the incorrect temperatures. I would say check thermal paste but you'd have to be doing a catastrophic job at applying it to make it shut off that fast. Can you verify all of those things first?
  4. Great result, with the same overclock as my previous vbios my score increased from 7092 to 7151 (not sure what vbios was on my 970m before but it allowed a maximum of +135 on the core) while reaching only 66 Degrees on the 970m =]
  5. Any idea why this isn't working? I've enabled "Load legacy option rom" disabled 970m in device manager. Ran command as administrator but it doesn't do anything. I'm trying to save at the moment with "-b" and "--save" but same output. <---Update--> Managed to do i in the end, it's quite weird but I don't receive any responses from the program until it has finished. So after running the command I wait a few seconds and press "y". When I went to flash the vbios I had to press "y" every 15 seconds or so, only when the program has actually flashed the vbios will I see all of the questions such as "Press Y to continue"
  6. @J95 - What's the best drivers currently for a stock 970m please? on firestrike I'm getting 6163 tops and I can't work out why :/ I currently have 359.06 running PEG Just DDU'd installed 353 applied full profiles 6 with nvinspector and my score increased from 6163 to 6580 Another Update - nvlddmkm stopped responding twice in the past 20 minutes. I only have Chrome running, Steam open (nothing playing) and FRAPS open doing nothing. Not sure if it may be software causing the crash or the nvidia driver itself.
  7. Glad to see you sorted it out, I'm getting a score of just 6k where typically it should lie between 6400 and 6600 or so I think. I don't even have OSD installed.. To the drawing board I think and then when I solve that I think I'll flash SVL7 s vbios... Have you thought about flashing your vbios or happy with it how it is?
  8. Anyone got an M17X R4 with this VBIOS? I definitely want to get this running but at the moment the system is so temperamental. When I received the laptop and used FN F7 then I got 8 beeps and had to take the card out change the BIOS settings and re-install windows. And I'm running PEG so to flash this vBios I'll have to take the plunge again.. and use DDU as I used modified drivers for PEG :/ Laptop specs will be uploaded in sig asap.
  9. Do you know the 780m definitely works? If so I don't think there's a lot you can do. Clean the MXM slot, maybe re flash the BIOS? crap ideas but.. it's either something silly like that or you're mxm slot is dead as you've stated
  10. a score of 900? you should in Fire Strike be getting around 6000 - 6700 it's a wide gap but it should sit somewhere in between their influenced by different driver versions. What was your actual score? once the benchmark has finished click view online and see what the score was, at that point we can then look at things like driver versions, throttling and what not. (I'm currently trying to find the best driver for this now as well) <--Update--> Ohhhh I see what the problem is, your core clock is 540 instead of 1038, chances are you've not right click the battery icon then clicked power options and then selected high performance. Balanced or power saving will throttle your core clocks.
  11. Hello, Never knew anyone actually replied to this thread, in respects to your vertical lines and what not I very doubt that is related to EDID and I'll explain why. Something has allowed access to the EDID of our LCD's, now some software definitely EVGA seems to trigger the EDID corruption (very likely this was unintentional) and what happens is the a number of the EDID gets changed, when you turn your computer on the BIOS can't read the EDID of you're LCD so tells you with a horrible 8 beeps. So as you can see, if your EDID is affected it's not something that you will gradually see, it will, quite literally just not work upon powering the Alienware. Now some of the other posters have assumed my M18X has died, i sh*t you not I had the terminator because that thing is still running! I don't have it anymore I had to sell it for personal reasons but the M18X is with someone else and he's happily using it so there seems to be a direct correlation.. I never used (except had windows 10) any software that seems to be related to EDID corruption triggering. Avoid EVGA and any other mentioned software and you should still have a laptop like my m18x that's going strong!
  12. In respects to the EDID corruption you're never going to get a specific answer because nobody really knows the Origin, the "thing" that's actually allowed this to happen. EVGA Precission X does trigger the EDID corruption (well it has a good history) but Precission x has been around for a long time and it's only until 10 come along when this whole EDID corruption started to happen. Theory is and I'm open for correction that Windows 10 introduced a driver.. can't remember the name but it accesses the same bus T456 (may have got the username a little wrong) used to re-flash the edid therefor it seems they've opened a door and software like precission x now seems to flick the switch. I had an M18X R2, installed windows 10 and then stumbled across Mr. Foxes thread, reverted to 8 and installed all drivers, afterburner and rivatuner, nvinspector disabled updates and the m18x still lives, I'd say if you avoid the typical trigers (EVGA) and some of the others don't worry.. if it happens it happens.
  13. Hi All, What's the best drivers for the 6GB 970m? So for I have 359.06 Windows 8.1 i7 3610QM (M17X R4) and on Firestrike I'm getting just 6055 :/ Also in Far Cry 4 I'm getting 27fps or so vs the 48 I'm seeing elsewhere.
  14. My 780m sli are both unlocked with SVL7 vBios however regardles of the unlocked and forced features the NVIDIA drivers can still throttle as mine did. The resolution was to use Nvidia Inspector to export game profiles so i had the new SLI features then revert to the older nvidia drivers that dont throttle and again with nvidis inspector import those gaje profiles exported from the newer driver. That way i have older drivers with no throttling BUT i also have the newer game profiles providing maximum support on the older drivers Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  15. Quad sli, you got a 27" alienware we've all not heard of Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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