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  1. Had the same issue. No matter what I did, I couldn't get past 1% installation.
  2. 1. Download Attachment 2. Open the SP27608 and extract 3. Click on the SP27608 and install 4. Right Click on the Icon on your desk top and run as administrator 5. Change file system to FAT32 6. Check the Quick Format and Create DOS startup disk boxes 7. Click on the ... box and point to where the Win98 files were extracted too. Should work for you now.
  3. Just curious what the resolution is at? This is my score with my 7970M Crossfire at the default resolution.
  4. Your not alone in this. Happened to me a couple of times. Both times I tried everything possible to reset the BIOS, nothing worked. Seems like you have tried the Blind Bios Flash method. Hopefully you are under warranty to have the MB replaced. Had to do that for mine.
  5. I picked up a 3940XM(QM/ES) a while back. Sweet CPU runs at 4.4Ghz with 0 Flex, temps are cool during gaming and cool during benchmarking.
  6. Totally agree with that. My M18x R2 with a 3940XM @4.4Ghz(4cores) hardly breaks a sweat at 80-85oC. Intel really messed up this CPU or Alienware just doesn't know how to handle its heat.
  7. Head over to the Notebook review. There is a thread dealing with the Coollaboratory Paste. Repasting M18xR2 with CooLaboratory Liquid Ultra, any tips before I start?
  8. I use Cool Laboratory Liquid Ultra. Liquid Metal, easy to apply. My CPU(3940M XM @4.4Ghz) runs no higher than 80oC when benched, GPU's run no higher than 75oC under benching.
  9. A new card will work just fine. It will have a proper non corrupt BIOS. If you think that the BIOS on the motherboard is corrupt, then do a reflash of the motherboard BIOS to correct. The Vbios is located on the video card not the motherboard. Have you tried booting into Windows and hitting FN-F7 to see what happens?
  10. I believe the flashing has to be done in DOS. So you would have to make a Dos bootable usb with the proper flash files on it. With your laptop apart and GPU removed insert USB, and boot the C: prompt. Carefully insert the GPU into the slot with computer running and see if you can flash it. Check with others on this forum and see if this may work before you try. Or try reflashing the MB Bios, just incase it is corrupt Or if you know anyone with a M18x with 460's in Sli, replace the secondary GPU in theirs with yours and try a Vbios flash
  11. The video card is an Nvidia based. You would have to pop of the heatsink to see the chip underneath to figure out the model. I think it is a GTX560M but don't quote me
  12. Did you play around with the BIOS by chance? Try going in and loading defaults and save and exit. Does the unit hve the latest BIOS? Try booting into Windows on the integrated and re flashing the motherboard Bios? What video cards are installed? If you have Crossfire or SLI make sure the cable is installed right. Maybe try re installing the Vbios? Other than that i would ask for a refund As for the connection for the macro keys, if its just one of the legs, you can still use it. You just need to use tweezers to install. The pressure of the cable and connection will hold it in place
  13. Unlocked Bios can be found in Sticky thread in this forum. Once you install it, go into the Bios, Enable Overclocking via Bios and Pick Level 3. This will get you started.
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