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  1. Okay, so its working in UEFI mode, legacy rom off, secure boot off, modified nvidia driver, version: 375.86
  2. Isn't it the 8970m? I had one, and I needed to use an unlocked bios and fan control with hwinfo, otherwise the gpu fan wont spin up and I can fry some egg on it.
  3. Now with the open beta, there is only one playable map and it should be something else rather than a desert area.
  4. 660m is not the one who like the OC. Have you tried a clean nvidia driver installation?
  5. I had a GTX 675M, same problem. Needed to replace it.
  6. osx is not really suitable for gaming. You will have a lower FPS unlike in a boot camp windows.
  7. Hi. I have the same problem with my 675m. Did you find any solution?
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